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Rosters Announced For Upcoming FINA World League Prelims; LIVE Webcast Planned For Saturday

Andy Stevens and Team USA host four days of water polo action this weekend in Los Alamitos, CA

May 21, 2013

Huntington Beach, CA - May 21 - The rosters for the USA Men's and Women's Senior National Teams have been announced for the FINA World League Prelims starting this Friday in Los Alamitos, CA. The four day event will feature a mix of official matches and exhibition contests. A full schedule and rosters are available below. Tickets are no longer available online and can be purchased at the door. Three matches are scheduled to be webcast live on Saturday, May 25 starting at 3pm pst. More information to follow. 

Date Time  Game White Dark  Gender Type
Friday  11:00am   USA 1 USA 2 Women Ex. Game
24-May-13 12:20pm WG 1 CAN BRA Women Game 
  3:00pm MG 1 CAN BRA Men  Game 
  4:20pm   USA 1 USA 2 Men  Ex. Game
  6:00pm   BRA  USA 2 Women Ex. Game
  7:20pm WG 2 CAN USA 1 Women Game
Saturday 11:00am   BRA  USA 2 Men  Ex. Game
25-May-13 1:00pm MG 2 CAN USA 1 Men  Game 
  3:00pm WG 3 BRA USA 1 Women Game 
  4:20pm   CAN USA 2 Women Ex. Game
  6:00pm CAN USA 2 Men Ex. Game
  7:20pm MG 3 BRA  USA 1 Men Game
Sunday 11:00am WG 4 CAN BRA Women Game 
26-May-13 12:20pm   USA  USA 2 Women Ex. Game
  3:00pm MG 4 CAN BRA Men  Game 
  4:20pm   USA USA 2 Men  Ex. Game
  6:00pm   BRA  USA 2 Women Ex. Game
  7:20pm WG 5 CAN USA 1 Women Game
Monday 8:00am MG 5 CAN USA 1 Men Game
27-May-13 12:00pm WG 6 BRA USA 1 Women Game 
  3:00pm MG 6 BRA USA 1 Men  Game 

Women's Senior National Team 1
Betsey Armstrong
Lolo Silver
Melissa Seidemann
Rachel Fattal
Monica Vavic
Maggie Steffens
Courtney Mathewson
Kiley Neushul
Jillian Kraus
Kelly Rulon
Annika Dries
Kami Craig
Tumua Anae
KK Clark
Danielle Warde 

Women's Senior National Team 2
Kate Baldoni
Jessy Cardey
Rebecca Dorst
Carmen Eggert
Kaleigh Gilchrist
Ashley Grossman
Sami Hill
EB Keeve
Kelly Mendoza
Colleen O'Donnell
Priscilla Orozco
Amber Pezzolla

Men's Senior National Team/USA 1
Andy Stevens
Matt Johnson
John Mann
Jeff Schwimer
Alex Obert
Greg Enloe
Alex Bowen
Griffin Lerman
Shea Buckner
Michael Rosenthal
Paul Reynolds
Matt De Tran
Brandon Johnson
Collin Smith
Tommy Corcoran

Men's Junior National Team/USA 2
Adam Abdulhamid
McQuin Baron
Griffin Bolan
Bret Bonanni
Reid Chase
Garrett Danner
Jack Fellner
Kent Inoue
Chandler Jarrels-Stickney
Jackson Kimbell
Danny McClintick
Chancellor Ramirez
Ryder Roberts
Ben Stevenson
Alec Zwaneveld




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