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Jane Hale
Jane  Hale

Last College:


Induction Year:

Elected to Hall of Fame: 1999

Club: Punahov Aquatics HI

College: U of Illinois, U of Hawaii

High School;


  • National Team Women's Leader 1982-1990
  • FINA/TWPC/Subcommittee for Women 1988-1992
  • USWP/WINC Chairperson 4 years/Member since 1980
  • Present and Past Member of United States Water Polo Committees
  • Member of WINC since 1980 and past chairperson
  • Finance Committee

Additional Information:

  • National Team Leader eight years. Traveled with Sr. Women's National Team to international tournaments during this time, as well as occasionally travelling with Jr. Team. Kept individual financial accounts for all travelling athletes on Sr., Jr., and B Teams, coaches and trip managers. This often meant keeping financial records for over 100 people. Each donation to an account was acknowledged. It even meant helping out a player who couldn't quite come up with the funds to travel on occasion. Developed a manager's book for trip manager for travel with teams. Wrote job description for team leader position and trip managers. Appointed managerial staff for all US Women's trips.
  • Assisted with fundraising for team travel. As with teams of this era, Jane too, paid her own way to represent USWP.
  • FINA Technical Committee/Sub-Committee for Women
  • Four women were appointed to represent four continents by FINA to develop women's water polo internationally. The job entailed finding women playing polo in the different countries, often not through their NGB's or with their support, but through word of mouth.
  • It required travel to these countries at Jane' s own expense, getting equipment to the developing teams and compiling and disseminating lists of names and addresses of contact persons within the countries to insure international and inter-continental play could happen.
  • Jane Hale was one of the modern pioneers who helped the women to be included in the 2000 Olympic Games

Personal and Professional:

  • Married to Dr. Ralph Hale 42 years. Three children all played water polo.
  • Education: BS University of Illinois, MS Public Health, University of Hawaii
  • Profession: Administrator and director of Hawaii program for pregnant teenagers.



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