Getting Started - Membership Requirements

Referee Background Screening

In order to be a registered and certified USA Water Polo referee there are five (5) steps that must be completed.

Step 1:
your membership with USA Water Polo. You will need to select the "Referee", "Coach/Referee", or "Rookie Referee" option from the menu. Renewal is required each calendar year. If you already have a membership (athlete, coach, etc.) you can login to your account to renew or upgrade. Upon registration, memberships will remain "Ineligible" until all requirements have been met and member will not be able to officiate until account is "Current."

Step 2:
All referees must take the USOC online SafeSport course, required every two (2) years.

Step 3:
Referees must have a current background screening on file with the National Office. Background screenings cost $20 and are required every 2 years.

Step 4:
Referees shall successfully complete concussion and head injury education at least once, either in person or online. Accepted courses include, but are not limited to the CDC or NFHS HEADS UP Concussion Online Training Course.

Step 5:
You will also need to create referee profiles on two other platforms that are used for referee training and education, assignments, and evaluations: and Instructions on registering for both can be found below.

Please note that you can attend a USA Water Polo Referee School or browse our certification and instructional materials at no cost by navigating around this website and our instructional platform at

Brand New Referees - After completing steps above:

  1. You will need to register with the Arbitersports / USA Water Polo Referee Association to be eligible for assignments to any and all USA Water Polo Sanctioned Events. This is the web site assigners and referees use to assign and view the games you will be officiating. Access to the Arbiter Site is FREE. Please click on the link below to register for the Arbiter Site and contact your Zone head Referee with any questions:
  2. Register for and successfully complete a USAWPR Referee Certification School along with the supplemental online Basic Certification Tutorial at (access and registration to the training site is included with your membership and there is no additional charge). You must also complete and pass the associated Rules Test. Make sure to review any additional rule interpretations and other instructional material prior to taking the test. Instructional materials are posted at both the and sites.
  3.  Contact your Zone Head Referee to complete the required practical component and/or observation. ZHR Contact info can be found at Contacts and Resources page with all Referee Information.
  4.  Once you complete your "on deck" observation you are certified as a "Rookie-Level 1" Referee and subject to the assignment criteria and limits set forth by your Zone.
  5.  For questions and further detail regarding USA Water Polo Referee Certification Criteria and Training visit or consult your Zone Head Referee.

Returning Referees - After completing steps above:

  1. Register with USA Water Polo as a "Referee" or "Referee/Coach" Member for the current calendar year.
  2. Register for and pass the "BASIC CERTIFICATION TUTORIAL" class, along with the associated rules test at OR Attend and successfully complete a USAWPR Referee School and any testing required. NOTE: The "In Person" Schools will be offered in conjunction with USAWP and ODP events throughout the country and are required for Certification of ALL Referees every two years. A schedule of USAWPR Referee Schools are posted on the website.
  3. Contact your Zone Head Referee to complete the required "practical" portion of your re-¡certification and advancement requirements. Complete Level Certification Criteria is posted on the and the websites.


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