Zone Grant Program

USA Water Polo will work with Zones and Member Clubs in the allocation of grants. These grants will be for the purpose of growing the sport of water polo at the grass roots level. Grants will only be awarded to USA Water Polo Zones or organizations who are members in good standing with USA Water Polo.

Statement of Program

All qualified Applicants shall complete a Statement of Program as outlined below and submit official grant request documents to USA Water Polo. Grants will be awarded on the ability of the statement of program to meet the goals and Evaluation Criteria set forth herein to the greatest extent possible. At a minimum the Statement of Program shall include, but may not be limited to:

  • Name of Applicant, either individual or organization, submitting
  • Background on the requesting organization
  • Description of Program including dates, locations, and participants expected to take part
  • Detailed description of the goals of the program
  • Specific use of grant funds/resources
  • Program Budget including itemized breakdown of the projected costs
  • Identify the personnel who will administer Program and include a brief biographical statement of the key individuals
  • Amount of funds or items being requested (caps, balls, goals)
  • Any other funding sources and the amount
  • Sustainability of the program

Evaluation Criteria

The Proposal will be evaluated by USAWP on the following basis:

  • Completeness of request
  • Quality of Program
  • Probability of Program attracting new athletes to the sport of water polo
  • Potential for program to sustain water polo activity following the term of the grant
  • Qualifications of Applicant in providing a successful program
  • The extent to which requestor is involved in any fund raising efforts to augment the grant
  • Ability of Program and fund raising to promote and increase public awareness of USA Water Polo
  • and the sport of water polo in general

Additional Requirements

Program shall be in conformance with all applicable USAWP Codes and all applicable Local, State and Federal Laws.

Grants will be provided only to Applicants who adequately demonstrate that they have or will raise funds equal to or greater than the Zone Grant.

All Zone Grants shall be for a finite amount and a finite period of time. Priority will be given to those requests that can demonstrate planning for subsequent financing to continue Program at the conclusion of Grant.

As a condition of accepting Grant from Zone, Applicant agrees to provide written updates of Program's progress as requested by Zone and a Financial Report within 30 days of the conclusion of Program.

Zone reserves the right to reject any and all Request for Proposals

Submission of Proposal For Grant

Qualified applicant clubs are requested to submit your proposal to your Zone Chair who will first evaluate the request and send along to the USA Water Polo National Office.

Applications will then be evaluated by USA Water Polo Sport Growth & Membership Departments and notified of status within 30 days of receipt.

To find your local zone chair click here for the Zone directory.
Director of Sport Growth: Mark Carney -
Senior Director of Membership Development: Christy Sicard -




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