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    Procedure for induction into the United States Water Polo Hall of Fame; proposal, screening, nomination, further screening if necessary, election and induction.

    Five (5) years must elapse after last active competition before inducted as a "Player." If a player is still playing in the "Masters" program then the five (5) years start after their highest level of competition.

    Five (5) years or twenty-five (25) years active service, whichever comes first, must elapse after the end of the coaching career before induction as a "Coach."

    Five (5) years or twenty-five (25) years active service, whichever comes first, must elapse after the end of the refereeing career before induction as a "Referee (Official)."

    The screening will consist of written information solicited by the HOF (preferably on its form) as well as other information submitted by the proposing party.

    Voting on candidates will be by e-mail and returned to the Chairman or Secretary of the HOF committee.

    The present limit on those elected each year is flexible but should be kept as low as possible.

    Candidates proposed or nominated but not elected may be considered eligible for election any time within five (5) years past the initial proposal. If not elected within that time, a period of five (5) more years must elapse before consideration again and then only for a two (2) year period. After this they revert to the ineligible list.

    Priority in selection may be considered in regards to time of service but not to the extent of by-passing the "Guidelines" procedure. Anyone proposed should feel honored to know that they have been considered, even for possible induction.

    To be voted into the Hall of Fame, a candidate must receive at least 70% of the votes cast.

    Families of deceased candidates proposed should be contacted if at all possible.

    Best efforts should be made to award two (2) tickets for the induction ceremony dinner to each inductee.

    The HOF committee can review special circumstances which may arise concerning some particular case and upon unanimous vote, can waive some pertinent part of the above guidelines.

    Best efforts should be made on replacement of HOF committee members to have equal geographical representation with the rest of the country and also equal representation of men and women.




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