Olympic Development Program

  • The Nick Johnson Inspiration Award, established February 2015, recognizes athletes on a yearly basis that fully embody the vision and values of the Olympic Development Program. The values of the program are based on the Olympic movement, defined as "Olympism."

    "Olympism is a philosophy of life, exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. Blending sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of a good example and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles."

    The values that are derived from Olympism and translated into ODP are the backbone of why the program exists and what it sets out to pass on to its participants. ODP athletes should have the utmost respect for their opponents, officials, and the game of water polo. ODP athletes should strive to maximize their potential as athletes and as people. Nick Johnson was a shining example of this during his time with us. We hope this award inspires us all to embrace the values of ODP and be a part of the Olympic movement.

    Nick Johnson

    In Memoriam

    Nicholas Johnson passed away in March of 2014 due to shallow water blackout while working out with his former high school swim team at Santa Barbara High School over spring break. Nick was a long-time member of the Santa Barbara Water Polo Foundation, where he developed his skills and eventually became captain of the 18 and under team. During that time Nick spent three years in the Olympic Development Program with the Coastal Zone. He parlayed all of his experiences into an opportunity to study and play water polo at the University of California, Santa Barbara. As an athlete and person, Nick's character, integrity, work ethic, and teamwork were second to none. During his time in ODP, he was never selected to an NTSC and even competed on the Coastal Zone "C" team at one point. He never gave up and took advantage of every opportunity he was given to improve himself. His parents found Nick's personal anthem, seen as part of the award, on his person computer just days after his passing. His selfless legacy lives on through the Nick Johnson Inspiration Award.

  • 2017

    ZONE Youth Cadet Development
    CEN Joseph Cavazos Dylan Maley Joshua Davis
    CST RED Grant Napierala Jack Ryan Kai Tristan Mohl
    CST BLUE Joseph Griffin Christopher Rucker-Jensen Gabriel Chang
    GLZ Taylor Weinsz Dylan Schmitzerle Keller Sens
    HAW Colt Correa Zane Yamamoto Noah Peters
    MDW Ivan Soto Justin Wood Nathaniel Pedigo
    MTN Ariel Diddams Angelo Zaina Charles Wang
    NEZ Kyle Yelensky Vladimir Puskovitch Thomas Cass
    PAC RED Gabriel Discipulo Christopher Indart Brian Garske
    PAC BLUE Kyler Haket Connor Stauffer Adam Ting
    PNW Warren Bell Jonathon McGrath Luke Diefendorf
    PSW Thomas Winham Henry WIlliams Finn Bugelli
    SEZ Seth Berke Brian Kent Gregory Nordheim 
    SPA RED Noah Hodge Reed Stemler Benjamin Kirshon
    SPA BLUE Jose Barajas Connor Bell William Harrington
    SWZ Aaron Jacobs Ethan Park Mason Welch
    CEN Grace Gulsvig Kimberly Tiss Sydney Schock
    CST RED Fiona Kuesis Elizabeth Terry Chloe Spievak
    CST BLUE Kira Toal Jessa Maurer Kai Blankenship
    Cal Combo Alison Berg Delaney Palmer
    GLZ/MDW Zoe Egbert Madeline Schultz Rylee Davis
    HAW Camryn Tabiolo Mikiala Ng Ocean Akau
    MTN Keely Christenot Katelyn Rosner Alison Jackson
    NEZ Madison Ulrich Addison Collins Olivia Peters
    PAC RED Isabella Mandema Sarah Fellner Sofia Vattuone
    PAC/CEN BLUE Christina Crum Anika Harding Mackenzie Walker
    PNW Amelia Portin Maya Larson
    PSW Reese Oliver Margaret Johnson
    SEZ Ashley Luy Mary Jane Bailey
    SPA RED Chloe Harbilas Molly Renner Klara Goldstein
    SPA BLUE Alexis Kieckhafer Isabel De Souza Lillian Gess
    SWZ Gabrielle Gervasi Ashley Chand Kaylee Pfister

  • 2016

    ZONE Youth Cadet Development
    CEN Matthew Blackwell Jon Zellhoefer Victor Plunkett
    CST RED Matthew Maier Alexandru Bucur Michael Minera
    CST BLUE Dylan Elliott Jack Anderson Chase Raisin
    GLZ Duncan Kennedy Michael Gertsik  
    HAW Ethan Walter Noah Weldon Andrew Dawson
    MDW Jake Burke Benjamin Russo Lian Malas
    MTN Cooper Greene Christian Jones Ethan Kochel
    NEZ Cameron Liflander Nicolas Apostolides Brennan Donnelly
    PAC RED Brannan Haket Quinn Woodhead Dashiell McFarland
    PAC BLUE Kevan Auger Peter Hillen Gil Gvishi
    PNW Zack Rossman Warren Bell Cole Sischo
    PSW Riad Hallal Thomas Gruwell Hayden Nightingale
    SEZ Jason Gould Jackson Parell Brian Kent
    SPA RED Evan Kim Maverick McMurtry Tanner Pulice
    SPA BLUE Ryan Sawyer Zachary Arthur Gavin Reed
    SWZ Galen Hu Robert Newman Jackson Benners
    CEN McKenna Martin Emily Blackwell Sofia Righetti
    CST RED Piper Smith Isabella Barajas Mary Rhodes
    CST BLUE Sophia Maguy Melinna Galbraith Anaiah Lightner
    GLZ Abigail Stepnitz Betsey Fisher Amelia Phillips
    HAW Alyssa Pelanca Kaya Lee Mikiala Ng
    MDW Sarah Caywood Giovanna Donatelli Grace Raquel
    MTN Emma Brooks Jennifer Scott Megan Breetzke
    NEZ Malia Naugle Anne Robinson Aliza Smith
    PAC RED Tatum Turetzky Alison Berg Olivia Stark
    PAC BLUE Madison Higginson Emma Ford Sydney Gish
    PNW Natalie Beck Jamie Robinson  
    PSW Robyn Carter Reese Oliver Emily Ferguson
    SEZ Rachel Andersen Grace Lacoursiere  
    SPA RED Bayley Weber Leslie Haynes Sydney Stein
    SPA BLUE Megan Falcon Kassandra Faris Alissa Salgado
    SWZ Gabrielle Gervasi Abigail May Sara Walsh


    ZONE Youth Cadet Development
    CEN Jackson Macleane Andrew Britton Quinn Brown
    CEN/PAC Patrick Duffy Jayden Kunwar Mark Laurlund
    CST RED Matthew Maier Peyton Collins Aidan Wattson
    CST BLUE Taylor Gustason Carlos Heredia Cristian Pang
    GLZ Chad Greenberg Mason Fritz Maxwell Moore
    HAW Jacob Eng Cian Ying Jason Hiremath
    MDW Andrew Shashin Christopher Eisenreich Dimitriy Kobets
    MTN Nick Parino Ariel Diddams Mason Maclear
    NEZ Nicholas Bunn Stephen Salle Nicolas Apostolides
    PAC Spencer Tagg Bailey Jarvis Gabriel Discipulo
    PNW Austin Barton Samuel Abbott ---
    PSW Cooper Milton Joshua Spence Hayden Nightingale
    SEZ Andres Schmidt Charles Cardot Seth Berke
    SPA RED Bennett Williams Matthew Kacura Myles Simpson
    SPA BLUE Micah Kamai Jackson Westerman Chase Dodd
    SWZ Royce Laverne Michael Lewandowski Brady Andrews
    ZONE Youth Cadet Development
    CEN Dagmar Gudmundsson Katrina Sturm Kendall Thomas
    CEN/PAC Kelsey Fennell Olivia Price Alexandra Mould
    CST RED Jenna Hurst Hayden Carlson Abigail Hendrix
    CST BLUE Sydney Preston --- ---
    GLZ Courtney Fisher Camille Nguyen ---
    HAW Malia Gacutan Laakea Dedrick Jacsen Donohue
    MDW Rachael Carlen Stephanie Lopez Adeline Hansen
    MTN Daci Hughes Georgia Batson Katherine Clark
    NEZ Elizabeth Judge Madison O'Reilly Charlotte Hallisey
    PAC Sierra Painter Madeline Pendolino Alison Berg
    PNW Zoe Linford Colette Jesson ---
    PSW Marissa Echelberger Gabriella Sicat Kennedy East
    SEZ Cara Mullery Grace Whidden ---
    SPA RED Kayla Constandse Nicole Kresich Kianna Mitchell
    SPA BLUE Bridgett Storm Alyse Tyler Layne Anzaldo
    SWZ Zoe Mottershaw Emily Robinson Tessa Welch



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