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  • Girls' ODP East/West Regional Championships

    Hotel Check In and Expectations:
    As we all know the Girls National ODP Championships will be held in Riverside, March 13th to March 15th. Room assignments are complete and coaches will meet with your teams at the hotel between 5:00-6:00 pm on Friday, to distribute room keys to the athletes. Athletes will be courteous toward hotel staff and behave respectfully while in the hotels at all times. They represent the entire ODP membership, coaches and administrators while in the hotels and at the venues.

    Required ODP Attire:
    ALL athletes are to wear their required ODP t-shirts and / or jackets while traveling to and from home to this event as well as to and from games. No club team gear is to be worn. ODP suits only for games. Bring TWO swim caps, one each white and blue. Goalies may wear red. Athletes are to bring their ODP membership ID card. Finger and toenails are to be cut per national championship rules.

    Friday Meetings for Coaches, Athletes and Parents:
    We will have a COACHES meeting at 7:00 pm at the Marriott Hotel.

    Following the Coaches Meeting, we would like all the coaches to meet with their ATHLETES from 8:15-9:00 / 9:15 to review the weekend schedule, while we will have a guest speaker for PARENTS from 8:30-9:30 in the same meeting room.

    Pool sites are listed on the website:

    All athletes and staff are to stay at the hotel, including local athletes and coaches.

    Athlete and staff rooms have been booked and paid for.

    All rosters will need parent help to coordinate team dinners, snacks, etc.

    We have 3 hotels for this weekend, and there will also be a number of rooms available for parents under the parents block.

    The 1997/1998 age group will stay at the Marriott Riverside, 3400 Market Street, Riverside

    The 1999/2000 age group will stay at the Hampton Inn, 4250 Riverwalk Parkway, Riverside

    The 2001 and Under age group will stay at the Hyatt Place, 3500 Market Street, Riverside

    Our room rate includes Breakfast, and Parking. Hyatt and Marriott will add parking to the master account

    All athletes will be 4 to a room. Coaches are 2 to a room.

    I have rooms blocked just for us, so please do not call the hotel directly for your rooms.

    For Parents:

    There are 100 rooms held at the at special rate of $130 plus tax at the Marriott Hotel. This rate includes breakfast, and discounted parking.

    There are also 40 rooms at the Courtyard Marriott at a room rate of $119. This includes breakfast and parking.

    There are 20 rooms at the Hyatt Place at a special rate of $120 plus tax. This rate includes breakfast, and discounted parking.

    The rooms are on a first come first serve so it is important that you relay this information out to the parents ASAP.

    Link for Marriott reservations

    Link for Hyatt reservations




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