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Coach of the Month - April 2013 Nikola Malezanov - Northeast Zone

The winner of the S & R Sport Coach of the Month for April 2013 is Nikola Malezanov of the Northeast Zone. For winning coach of the month Nikola receives a $50 gift certificate to Below is the nomination submitted by his zone.

Since coming to be the head coach of our club (Tigers Water Polo - Pittsburgh, PA) nearly two years ago, Nikola has steadily transformed our program's mindset, activity level and overall training quality/level of play. In just these two short years, his guidance, enthusiasm and encouragement has led to a record number of club participants in the ODP program (23 in this past 2012-213 season), an increased level of participation in tournaments for our players, hosting of other teams/clubs for joint training and the hosting of not one but two tournaments in Pittsburgh this spring that will see teams from Canada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, Connecticut and Virginia participate.

Of course, just a few short weeks ago, Nikola orchestrated the "Train with America's Best" camp in Pittsburgh that saw Merrill Moses, Ryan Bailey and Jeff Powers spend two amazing days with young athletes from our club and from the surrounding area. Nikola ambitiously pushes hard to create as many of these types of opportunities as possible for our kids because he knows that they will not only help them become better players, but he also knows that these events are simply great experiences for young athletes and their families. He so much believes in making these things happen for our program that, just yesterday, as he was preparing to coach his last game of the tournament we hosted over this past weekend, I saw him leaning on a wall looking a bit down and exhausted. Figuring that he was just tired and ready to end his day, I asked him if he was OK and he replied that he was just sorry that the tournament was ending and that that he wished it could just keep going and not have to end. That says it all. This type of enthusiasm and desire to create opportunities for our kids is what makes Nikola so special to us as a coach. He has an endless capacity for the sport, for the kids and for creating quality opportunities for them. I can't think of a more deserving coach for your "Coach of the Month" honor.




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