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Athlete of the Month - July 2011 James Rydjeski - Costa Mesa Aquatics Club

I would like to nominate James Rydjeski of the Costa Mesa Aquatics Club for athlete of the month. James is a dedicated athlete to the sport. Standing at 6ft tall at 14 years old, he is a phenomenal goalie and works harder and harder every practice. He will be attending Costa Mesa High School next year and the coaches are excited to have him playing for their team.

James suffered the devastating loss of his brother last month, yet the next day, he showed up to play a game telling me, "I'm sorry I'm late coach, I wanted to show up and play and not let the team down." I believe that shows a profound amount of dedication. With the support of his family and teammates, James played a great game then and continues to do so now.

James has gotten the opportunity to practice with Merrill Moses of the Men's National Team and continues to grow every practice. I see nothing but an amazing career in water polo if that's what he chooses to pursue. I nominate him not only for his talent, but for his unwavering dedication to the sport of water polo and his teammates, and his caring personality.

Thank you for your consideration.




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