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Athlete of the Month - October 2010 Jake Kirchner - Offshore Water Polo Club

I would like to nominate Jake Kirchner for Water Polo Athlete of the Month. Jake is a senior on the varsity team at Redondo Union High in Redondo Beach and a member of Offshore Water Polo Club. Jake is a true team leader as he leads by example and action, taking on the responsibility with an easy going nature and firm determination.

Redondo Union's team has been surviving under a bit of adversity for two straight seasons. Last year, the school's pool went under construction so the team had to travel to a rival school for all practices, taking what pool time it could get, usually well after the home school has finished its' practices. Redondo Union's pool construction was delayed so, again this season, the team is on the road for practices and plays all of its home games away. Jake has been key to keeping the team together, not only by making every practice himself, but offering rides to teammates and maintaining a positive attitude that encourages his teammates.

In his spare time, Jake volunteers as a soccer referee for AYSO Region 34. He can be seen on the fields every weekend, again setting an example for the younger soccer players that high school kids can be involved and give back to the community. Jake is an outstanding student at Redondo Union High and plans to attend college next fall.

What really stands out about Jake is that he does all of this in a humble way. He never brags about how many goals he scored that week, mindful that his younger teammates are looking up to him; he shakes off praise about his referee work, quietly takes care of his work at school, and does it all with a smile.

Jake represents everything that USA Water Polo stands for: hard work, leadership and community and would make an excellent representative for Athlete of the Month.

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