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Athlete of the Month - November 2009 Rebecca Pinto - Menlo Mavens

I'd like to nominate my teammate, Rebecca Pinto. Rebecca plays on the Menlo Mavens team, a women's Masters team in Menlo Park , California . Our team is an eclectic group of players ranging in experience from former NCAA players to brand-new novices. These ladies are the most down-to-Earth gals, and Rebecca is by far the heart & soul of the team.

In her 50's, Rebecca plays hard against the young recent college grads and she swims, shoots, and defends like nobody's business. She is a strong, fast & smart player with a ton of knowledge about the game. But it doesnt end there.

While she's playing hard against the young girls (including her college age daughter whose also on the team), she's simulataneously explaining basic skills to the newest players. If you are a novice, you are not a stranger for long once Rebecca finds you. She'll pull you aside between quarters in a scrimmage when you want a whistle tutorial. You'll see her after a practice concludes with a wipe board, running through offensive plays with a new team member. She's a coach's recruiting dream- persuading her neighbors, co-workers and just about anybody hanging out near a pool to show up for a practice and give polo a try. Already on the team but can't make it to practice? Rebecca will swing by and give you a ride to the pool. She carts a car full of ladies to the pool three times a week, and gives you a pep talk the whole way over.

Rebecca's enthusiasm is infectious and everyone who knows her knows that our team would be lost without her. I hope you select her as Athlete of the Month.

Thank you, Jennifer Cullen Babcock




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