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Athlete of the Month - May 2012 Justin Gray - Oviedo High School

Justin Gray, 17, of Oviedo, attending Oviedo High School, is an outstanding water polo player, as well as student. With an impressive 4.3 GPA, he applies himself in all aspects of his high school career. Having never played water polo in his life, he moved from Fort Hood, Texas, to Oviedo, Florida. Within two short years, he had clinched the captain position his senior year above players who had been playing their entire lives.

His determination and will allowed him to succeed in the sport in a way that I have never before witnessed. Also, he led our team in goals from the set and driver position with upwards of 100 goals on the season to lead Oviedo High School to the Florida FHSAA State Championship. His leadership and determination landed him on the 1st-team All Central Florida roster two years in a row, as well as being nominated for All American and receiving Overall MVP for our high school and club team (blue dolfins). A current member of USA Water Polo, Justin is the epitome of a hard worker, and is not afraid of a heavy work load. With a load of 5 AP classes on his plate, he manages to find the time to do homework, practice 25+ hours a week, and spend time with family and friends.

Justin is a role model in and out of the pool, with a strict always-say-no approach to alcohol and drugs. He is also an inspirational figure to younger players, proving to them that you don't have to succumb to peer pressure to be one of the best in the pool. Without Justin Gray, Oviedo High School would not have clinched the District and Regional championships, and would not have moved on past the first round of the FHSAA Florida State Championship to finish as one of the top teams in the state. A leader in and out of the pool, I believe that Justin deserves to be recognized for his hard work and accomplishments.




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