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Athlete of the Month - January 2011 Alex Sardinas - Comanche Water Polo Foundation

Here is the low down on Alex who I think would be a great nominee for athlete of the month.

Alex joined our club in the summer of 2010. He was forced by his mother to try one practice - he insisted that water polo was hands down the worst sport and a complete waste of his time . After his first practice he said he would come back the next day to make sure he wanted to keep doing it. Alex has probably missed one practice since then. He had no prior swimming experiencing. He is now one of our fastest swimmers and best defenders.

I've coached for 5 years and I have only ever had one other person improve as fast and as much as he has. He's one of those really really quiet shy kids that keeps to himself. Being on a team has really had a positive effect on him. He has many more friends at school and his confidence has risen dramatically. Water Polo has been so great for him, and he's been great for our club.

He isn't one of our main attackers but he definitely makes it easier for the our top scorers. He counters hard and steals the ball a lot. Alex is a great example of what hard work and sticking with it can get you and for that I think he makes for a great athlete of the month.




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