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Athlete of the Month - December 2011 James Applegate - Long Beach Shore Aquatics

I would like to nominate James Applegate from Long Beach California for Water Polo Athlete of the Month.

James is a committed team player who represents the highest standards in dedication and sportsmanship in our game. Just turning 14 years old and at 5'4" 120lbs, he has the heart of an athlete much older & larger than his size. Against the most challenging competitors they are surprised at his size and skill in & out of the pool. James is a utility/driver and understands his assists are as important as the shot...this influence has helped to lead his team through the hardest of games by the "team winning" not the "player winning." As Co-Captain of the Wilson High School Frosh/Soph Team, he helped the team and others become better players & individuals. He is powerful, focused and anxious to learn from his coaches & team members. He has been a water polo athlete for 4 years. He will play again with Long Beach Shore 16U/18U, and ODP this season.

James is a regular teenager: Active in school as a member of the Crazy Crew rooting for the school's football team. He holds an "Adult Black Belt" in Shaolin Kenpo Karate. He is a trained/accomplished marksman of handguns/rifle and a a regular at the local Pistol Range while also being active in Long Beach JR Lifeguard program. Many weekends you will find James helping the coaches with the 10U/12U teams, the future of water polo. He enjoys doing tricks on his skateboard. He also has college aspirations and is honing his grades to accomplish them.

He knows what he wants and goes after it.




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