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Athlete of the Month - April 2012 Ben Stevenson - Team Vegas/Henderson

I would like to nominate Ben Stevenson for Athlete of the Month. Ben is a Junior at Coronado High School in Henderson, is on the Youth National Team, and is with Team Vegas- Henderson. Am I biased? Yes. I'm Ben's father. That being said, Ben is from Reno, Nevada, and has been in and out of the water playing water polo since he was 8 or so. In Reno, he played Pop Warner Football, and Boys and Girls Club and School basketball as well. Ben has always had a knack for following the ball. He decided at one point, that Water Polo was going to be his specialty. He succeeded to the point that the frog got too big for the pond. Reno Water Polo was not developed enough, and there weren't enough hours in the water available for him to hone his craft. Ben made the decision to move to Las Vegas at age 16, to be the best he could be, at Water Polo. With the selfless help of a very special host family, the Taylors; Ben has improved and grown in the sport. Time away from friends and family, devoted to water polo, has been painful, but he is improving, and shows great promise. As USA Water Polo attempts to expand it's influence primarily from California to the whole US, Ben stands out as a great example of a hard working athlete from outside of California, who is determined to make it happen, even if he has to move to get'r dun.




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