Mission & Overview

USA Water Polo Goals

  • Win gold medals in the sport of water polo at the Summer Olympic Games, UANA Pan American Games, Federation Internationale de Natation ("FINA") World Championships, and other international competitions.
  • Expand dramatically the number of athletes in the sport of water polo by providing programs for participation for all age and skill levels, for both genders, for handicapped individuals, and for minorities.
  • Through United States Aquatic Sports, Inc. ("USAS"), maintain membership and the highest possible standing and position of influence in FINA, the international sports federation that governs the sport of water polo in the Summer Olympic Games and the Union Americana de Natacion ("UANA"), the sports federation that governs the sport of water polo in the UANA Pan American Games.
  • Develop materials and instructional programs to develop individual skills of athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, and officials.
  • Communicate the activities of the sport of water polo throughout the United States to the USA Water Polo membership and to the public.
  • Establish and ensure consistent standards of quality for all official events of USA Water Polo.
  • Review quadrennially at the Annual Meeting in the year after the Summer Olympic Games the goals of USA Water Polo by the Board of Directors.




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