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Once you become a member, you will have your own online account. Within your account you can perform multiple functions including; keeping your contact information up to date, renewing your membership, printing a temporary membership card, upgrading your membership, changing club affiliation, and creating your own recruitment profile. Please note ALL memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


  • New members must register for a USA Water Polo membership in order to participate in USA Water Polo club practices or events. NEW MEMBER JOIN HERE!


  • Been a member before? Current or lapsed members can login to their online membership account here: MEMBER LOGIN


  • All members have the ability to "upgrade" their current membership to another membership type at ANY time throughout the calendar year. To upgrade your membership, you must LOGIN to your online membership account. Scroll down the page and select the Upgrade function. You will have to pay the difference in price and a $5 upgrade fee.

Edit contact information

  • Login online to update your current contact information so we can communicate with you properly.

Club affiliation

  • Members can change club affiliation online given that it is during the "Open Transfer periods" as determined by USA Water Polo Conduct of Championships. To view club affiliation policy, please click here.

Membership card

  • Membership cards are mailed to annual memberships (not trial) upon registration, renewal, and upgrade. At ANY time you can print a temporary card off your online account or request a new permanent card. Member cards are not printed in-house so it may take 4-6 weeks to receive your permanent card.

Membership Status - What does my membership "status" mean?

    The start date of this membership has not occurred yet. Please login to your account or refer to your confirmation to review the start date so you know when your membership will be active. If you are a current member renewing during the early renewal period, your membership will take effect on January 1st at the end of your current membership.
    Upon joining or renewing with USA Water Polo, your membership is missing requirement(s). While your membership has been successfully activated - in order to participate in the role or level of membership, you must attend to the missing items. For athletes this may mean you or a parent/guardian (for athletes under 18) may need to accept the membership terms waiver. For coaches or referees, this may indicate a missing certification, training or background screening. You may login to complete these requirements. For some missing coach or referee requirements, you can upgrade back to athlete and your membership will register as current.
    Your membership is 100% active!!! You can participate to the fullest extent that your membership type/level allows. When your membership is current, you can change your club affiliation OR upgrade to a higher membership type.
    Your most recent membership has expired. Make sure you login to your account online to renew before your next practice.
    A member in the Suspended status indicates a member has a suspension or sanction placed on their membership. This suspension will remain on the record until it is manually removed by the membership department.

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