• USA Water Polo is the largest organization in the United States that sanctions non-scholastic water polo competition. USA Water Polo has around 500 clubs and offers multiple playing opportunities including our National Championship events and the ability to sanction events at the zone level. In order to compete in a National or sanctioned event with one of our registered clubs, athletes, coaches, and referees must be current members of USA Water Polo.

    There are many benefits of being a USA Water Polo member. Once you become a member, you will have your own online account. Within your account you can perform multiple functions including; keeping your contact information up to date, renewing your membership, printing a temporary membership card, upgrading your membership, changing club affiliation, and creating your own recruitment profile. Please note ALL memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

    Value Proposition

    USA Water Polo is a non-profit organization operating under charter of the United States Olympic Committee. The federation provides play opportunity for all ages, abilities and commitment levels throughout the United States, from sanctioning local tournaments to producing national championships to selecting and training US Olympic Teams.

    USA Water Polo provides a platform of comprehensive programming that includes introductory play, club and league activity, premier regional and national tournaments, the US Olympic high performance program AND a commitment to safe play, technical skills and customer service. Through a variety of offerings and initiatives, USA Water Polo fosters a healthy, dynamic environment for our community to learn, grow and compete. With a network of more than 45,000 members and 500 clubs, USA Water Polo oversees one of the fastest growing sports in America. Through its Olympic heritage, USA Water Polo embodies a legacy that maximizes the potential of our members and one that continually invests in the advancement of our sport.

  • Water polo is a demanding physical sport that can strengthen the cardiovascular system and increase stamina and core strength. During a game or practice, athletes do not touch the bottom or sides of the pool, so the body is continuously in motion. Additionally, the agility and quick movements required during water polo can improve a player's flexibility and muscular length.

    Players swim the equivalent of 4 miles per game without touching the bottom or sides of the pool. Water polo improves cardiovascular health; and players of this sport burn as much as 700 calories per hour

    Athletes use all muscle groups to keep the body above water while facing their opponent. Arm and leg muscles are strengthened and toned through swimming, passing and eggbeater motions. Core strength is increased through passing, shooting, and changing direction in the water.

    Injury Prevention
    The water around the body acts as a cushion on the joints and muscles and helps in softening the strain placed on the body while also strengthening the muscles around the spine, helping protect from injury.

    Water polo can be a lifelong sport. It is less stressful on the joints and muscles of older athletes than the more high-impact, non-aquatic sports like jogging. With the proper safeguards in place, water polo is a great exercise regimen for anyone.


    Skipshot Magazine
    As a member* of USA Water Polo, you will receive 4 quarterly issues of Skipshot magazine, the sport's premiere magazine loaded with news, notes, event results, interest pieces, photographs and National Team updates.

    *Note: Bronze and Trial Athletes do not receive issues of Skipshot.

    USA Water Polo sends out a monthly e-newsletter to provide members with updates, relevant news, interest pieces and reminders to keep you on the pulse of the sport of the water polo.

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