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Bronze & Silver Membership
2018 Fall Membership Promotion

During the months of September and October, new & lapsed members can join as a bronze or silver member (only) and have the option to extend their membership through 12/31/2019. There will be a small prorate fee added to the base 2018 membership fee in order to extend the membership. These memberships may be purchased online beginning September 1, 2018. The Promo memberships have the same privileges as the standard option, with the exception of the expiration date.

During registration, be sure to select "Bronze Promo" or "Silver Promo"


2018 Fall Promo Pricing - Membership expires 12/31/2019:

Bronze = $55 (base price is $40 - 31% savings to the member)

Silver = $105 (base price is $78 - 33% savings to the member)

Please note bronze promo may upgrade to Silver Promo ONLY from September - December. There are no upgrades to gold during this time. Upgrades to gold will be allowed beginning January 1, 2019. There is an additional upgrade fee for the promotional memberships. When upgrading, pricing will be based on standard member rates - Bronze=$40 and Silver=$78. The extra promotional rate will not be factored.

All USA Water Polo memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. You will not be able to switch memberships if you select the wrong one during registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why do I need the Fall Promo?
USA Water Polo memberships are based on the current membership year. Therefore, purchasing a membership in the months of September and October expire 12/31/2018. Selecting the Promo option will save you money and extend your membership through 12/31/2019!

2.) How do I purchase the Fall Promo?
The Fall Promo can be purchased online. New & Lapsed Members can join starting September 1st! Lapsed Members (previously with USAWP) can follow this same link, but must login to their membership account. Forgot Password or Member ID? Click here.

3.) How do I know which Promo membership to choose?
Athlete membership types vary based on the level of participation. Bronze memberships are valid for practices and some local participation. Silver memberships are required for ODP and regional, more competitive tournament participation. Here is a link to the full athlete membership comparison.

4.) What if I need to upgrade?
You may only upgrade from Bronze Promo to Silver Promo. This upgrade will be the difference between the standard base pricing plus an upgrade fee. Please note: You may not upgrade to gold in 2018 with this promotional membership. Upgrades to gold will be allowed starting January 1, 2019. For questions, please email Reminder: when upgrading, pricing will be based on standard member rates: Bronze=$40 and Silver=$78, not the promotional rates respectively.

5.) What is the cost savings of the Promo memberships?
Bronze = $55 (base price is $40 - 31% savings)
Silver = $105 (base price is $78 - 33% savings)

6.) Can I use the Promo membership for Olympic Development Program (ODP) Camps?
YES! Be sure to select "Silver Promo" as your option for the ODP Camps. If you happen to select Bronze Promo, you can upgrade to Silver Promo for the different in the base membership price plus the upgrade fee to be same price as the silver promo price.

7.) What if I joined in July or August?
Unforutnately, this membership is only valid for new members or lapsed members joining in September and October. We cannot backdate this membership promo offer to current members. Current members will be eligible for renewal for 2018 beginning November 1.

8.) What if I want to join before September 1st?
There is a free two-week trial (14 consecutive days) for NEW members to USA Water Polo. You can take advantage of the trial and then switch to the Promo membership once we reach September 1. Trial members are eligible to take advantage of the Promo offer.

For any other questions, please email or call 714-500-5445.

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