Accountability and Reporting

USA Water Polo Referees are responsible to ensure that each and every participant at a USA Water Polo Sanctioned Event is verified as a current USA Water Polo, either Coach or Athlete., via a verified roster supplied by each team.


Referees must also report any and all game incidents to the National Referee Manager via the online Incident Reporting system. The incident reporting form can be found in your profile page by logging into your USAWP member account and clicking on "Referee Hub" on the top left of your screen. 

Some Important Information Regarding Incident Reporting:

1. All Incident Reports MUST be filed within 24 hours of the completion of the contest. Failure to follow this procedure will result in possible sanctions against the referee(s) involved. Please be further advised that it is your responsibility as referees to make sure that there are verified rosters at each and every game and that competing athletes are verified as to their roster via photo ID and cap number. NO ROSTER, NO GAME!

2. Incidents to be reported include, but are not limited to, Misconduct (exclusion with substitution), Brutality Foul, and Red Cards to Coaches or Players not in the field of play or not eligible to play. You are also required to file a report for injury to any player or participant that may not have resulted in a "foul" being called in addition to any extra circumstances that effect the game. (ie. spectator behavior, medical attention required, and any or all unprofessional behavior on the part of your colleague or game participants.)

3. If there are multiple offenders involved in an incident a separate report must be filed for each. In the case of Brutality or any other Incident that may involve injury you must include the Offended Party in your report.

4. Please make sure you provide as much detail and information as possible. Too much information is better than none. TEST

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