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    2016 Zone Award Winners

    2016 Zone Award Recipients
    Monte Nitzkowski Distinguished Coaching AwardCentral California ZoneDrew Clute
    Coastal California ZoneAlexander Rodriguez
    Midwest ZoneDave Miller
    Mountain Zone 
    Northeast ZoneTed Minnis
    Pacific ZoneJohn Vargas
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii Zone 
    Pacific Southwest ZoneMatthew Ustaszewski
    Southeast ZoneCarroll Vaughan
    Southern Pacific ZoneScott Taylor
    Southwest ZoneJoe Linehan
    Sandy Nitta Distinguished Coaching AwardCentral California ZoneJamey Wright
    Coastal California ZoneBrian Roth
    Midwest Zone 
    Mountain ZoneTodd Clapper
    Northeast ZoneChris Vidale
    Pacific ZoneSean Nolan
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii Zone 
    Pacific Southwest ZoneCarin Crawford
    Southeast ZoneStephanie Johnson-Possell
    Southern Pacific ZoneAndrew Rowe
    Southwest ZoneBecca Andrews
    Bill Barnett Distinguished Coaching AwardCentral California ZoneRick Nordell
    Coastal California ZoneJohn Kocur
    Midwest ZonePaul Baudendistel
    Mountain ZoneKevin Ohlson
    Northeast ZoneMark Lawrence
    Pacific ZoneJack Bowen
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii ZoneDenny Piccolotto
    Pacific Southwest ZoneDavid Spence
    Southeast ZoneMichael Goldenberg
    Southern Pacific ZoneSteve Carrera
    Southwest ZoneMihai Oprea
    Doc Hunkler Distinguished Coaching AwardCentral California ZoneDouglas Wright
    Coastal California ZoneJason Rosenthal-Agoura
    Midwest ZoneDoug Eichstaedt
    Mountain ZoneMichael Goldhardt
    Northeast ZoneAlicia Keating
    Pacific ZoneFrances Usedom
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii Zone 
    Pacific Southwest ZoneJaclyn Puccino
    Southeast ZoneAlexander Donis
    Southern Pacific ZoneSteve Carrera
    Southwest ZoneJeff Chandler
    Ted Newland Distinguished Coaching AwardCentral California ZoneZachary Koerner
    Coastal California ZoneIan Davidson
    Midwest ZoneBeto Garcia
    Mountain ZoneChris Magee
    Northeast ZoneUlmis Iordache
    Pacific ZoneMarshall Dortch
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii ZoneDave Schiffner
    Pacific Southwest ZoneCharlie Equels
    Southeast ZoneRandall Walters
    Southern Pacific ZoneJustin Kroeze
    Southwest ZoneJustin Prejean
    Brent Bohldender Distinguished Coaching AwardCentral California ZoneKristie Dunham
    Coastal California ZoneConnor Levoff
    Midwest ZonePaul Splitt
    Mountain ZoneSamantha Nestman
    Northeast ZoneLeslie Entwistle
    Pacific ZoneTodd Halvorson
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii ZoneFarrah Kunkel
    Pacific Southwest ZoneIan McKercher
    Southeast ZoneMonica Szalma
    Southern Pacific ZoneJessy Cardey
    Southwest ZoneChristopher Cullen
    Bret Bernard Distinguished Referee AwardCentral California ZoneDarren Spiritosanto
    Coastal California ZoneLevon Dermendjian
    Midwest Zone 
    Mountain ZoneJoseph Peila
    Northeast ZoneAlex Stankevitch
    Pacific ZoneAndrew Selder
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii ZoneEugene Gill
    Pacific Southwest ZoneRobert Tilburg
    Southeast ZoneHumberto Navarro
    Southern Pacific ZoneHaz Ortega
    Southwest ZoneScott Voltz
    Tom Hermstad Distinguished Referee AwardCentral California ZoneRoss Spiritosanto
    Coastal California ZoneChris Jimenez
    Midwest ZoneDerek Zokoe
    Mountain ZoneAmber Drury
    Northeast ZoneJames Wolff
    Pacific ZoneTrevor Stumm
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii Zone 
    Pacific Southwest ZoneTaelor Moreno
    Southeast ZoneNicholas Gaffey
    Southern Pacific ZonePeter Sophabmixay
    Southwest ZoneKristen Barnett
    Aaron Chaney Distinguished Referee AwardCentral California ZoneZachary Weaver
    Coastal California ZoneJenna Phreaner
    Midwest ZoneNicole Lum
    Mountain ZoneDavid Robins
    Northeast ZoneJesus Mejia
    Pacific ZoneKatelynn Thompson
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii ZoneChris Calvert
    Pacific Southwest ZoneGerardo Arellano
    Southeast ZoneStuart Sheldon
    Southern Pacific ZoneMark Williamson
    Southwest ZoneLeonardo Aguilu
    Barbara Kalbus Distinguished Volunteer AwardCentral California ZoneChristian Taylor
    Coastal California ZoneJanet Galgani
    Midwest ZoneLuisa Cerda
    Mountain ZoneJesse Kochel
    Northeast Zone 
    Pacific ZoneChris McCracken
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii ZoneSue Nishioka
    Pacific Southwest ZoneGary Hull
    Southeast ZoneScott Ennis
    Southern Pacific ZoneMary Cain
    Southwest ZoneChris Cullen
    Bryan Weaver Distinguished Male Masters Athlete of the Year AwardCentral California Zone 
    Coastal California Zone 
    Midwest ZoneSteve Coupland
    Mountain ZoneJoe Bejarano
    Northeast ZoneMike Hoffman
    Pacific ZoneZachary Monsees
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii Zone 
    Pacific Southwest ZoneJohn Vasek
    Southeast ZonePaul Becskehazy
    Southern Pacific ZoneWes Kading
    Southwest ZoneArseni Grokhovski
    Bryan Weaver Distinguished Female Masters Athlete of the Year AwardCentral California ZoneKandace Waldthaler
    Coastal California Zone 
    Midwest ZoneHeather Cotton
    Mountain ZoneVaune Kadlubek
    Northeast ZoneSarah Fitch
    Pacific ZoneJoanna Wilk
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii ZoneShari Smart
    Pacific Southwest ZoneSandra Dielman
    Southeast ZoneDebbie Cavanaugh
    Southern Pacific ZoneKathryn Manderino
    Southwest ZoneKristen Barnett
    Masters Club of the YearCentral California ZoneCentral Valley
    Coastal California Zone 
    Midwest ZoneClayton Water Polo
    Mountain Zone 
    Northeast ZoneWashington Wetskins
    Pacific ZoneEast Bay Water Polo
    Pacific Northwest & Hawaii Zone 
    Pacific Southwest Zone 
    Southeast ZoneMiami Riptides
    Southern Pacific ZoneLA Athletic Club
    Southwest ZoneHOPS




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