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Admission/Photo Policy

Admission to the National Junior Olympics constitutes a revocable license to enter the premises upon which the event is being conducted that may be withdrawn at any time, with or without cause. In particular, that license will be withdrawn in the event that the party being admitted violates any of the following terms and conditions, in the sole and absolute judgment of the persons in charge of hosting the event or the game referees at the event:

1. Engaging in disruptive or abusive conduct including, without limitation, swearing, using abusive

language to any spectator, athlete, coach, referee or tournament official, threatening to physically
assault any person or actually physically assaulting any person.

2. Taking of photographs, other than photographs taken for the personal use of a participant at the event or the use of a USA Water Polo member club. In no event shall any photographs taken at the event be used for any commercial purpose including, without limitation, posting such pictures upon any website containing advertising. Any transmission, picture or other depiction or description of any game action, game information or person participating in any game is prohibited without the prior written consent of USA Water Polo, Inc.

3. Use of long lens cameras is prohibited unless cleared by USA Water Polo and/or tournament staff.

Verification of identity and team association may be required by tournament staff and personnel. All specatators and participants agree to cooperate with all site requests and requirements or license to enter the premises will be revoked.

Persons in attendance at this event assume all risks of personal injury and all other hazards related to the event, whether occurring prior to or during the event including specifically slipping and falling upon any moist surfaces and agrees that USA Water Polo and the organization and individuals sponsoring and conducting the event, and each of their officers, directors, employees and agents are expressly released by the admittee from any claims arising from or relating to such causes or otherwise occurring at or in connection with the event.

Persons in attendance at the event are deemed to consent to the use of his/her image or likeness incidental to any transmission or reproduction of the event, or any publicity of the event or other USA Water Polo sponsored events.

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