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Vanguard Boys Win 2013 TYR Champions Cup; Sportsmanship Awards Announced

Vanguard 2013 TYR Champions Cup Boys Winners
2013 TYR Champions Cup Boy's First Place - Vanguard Aquatics


Nov. 17, 2013

Bloomington, IN - November 17 - Following a delay due to a tornado warning in the area the boys of Vanguard topped SOCAL 9-5 to claim their first ever TYR Champions Cup crown. In the bronze medal match Stanford outlasted Shaq winning in a shootout 9-8. The rest of the boy's standings can be seen below, for full schedules and results along with live webcast information, click here. The girl's division continues play today and will find out their champions tomorrow with the finals set for Monday afternoon. 

In the rest of the boy's standings, LA Premier edged Greenwich 6-5 for fifth place while San Diego Shores defeated Santa Barbara 11-9 for seventh place. The rest of the standings saw Commerce in 9th, CPD in 10th, West Sub in 11th, and Spartan in 12th.

On Sunday morning the 2013 TYR Champions Cup Sportsmanship Awards were given out. The annual awards are named in honor of two Olympians, Maureen O'Toole (girls) and Jody Campbell(boys). 

Jody Campbell is a graduate of Wilson High School and Stanford University.  Jody played for the USA Mens National team from 1978 to 1988, winning Silver medals at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in `84 and Seoul in `88. The TYR Champions Cup boys sportsmanship award is given in honor of Jody's commitment to our sport and his dominant play helping put USA men's program on the international map during his career.

Maureen O'Toole Purcell is an accomplished water polo player and coach. In over 30 years in the sport, she has set multiple firsts for women in water polo, and during her playing time was recognized as one of the best water polo players in the world. Maureen is also a graduate of Wilson High School in Long Beach CA and attended University of Hawaii.  Mo helped lead the US Women's team to its very first Olympic medal earning Silver in Sydney.

A recipient is chosen from each team by their head coach.  

2013 TYR Champions Cup Standings (Boys)
1 Vanguard
3 Stanford
5 LA Premier
6 Greenwich
7 SD Shores
8 Santa Barbara
9 Commerce
10 CPD
11 West Sub
12 Spartan

2013 TYR Sportsmanship Award Recipients

David Medina,  Chicago Park District
Ricardo Reyes,  Commerce
Thatcher Scannell,  Greenwich Aquatics
Sam Krutonog,  LA Premier
Benny Brown,   San Diego Shores
Henry Hepp,   Santa Barbara
Alexander Lansill,  SHAQ
Chasen Peterson,  SOCAL
Zachary Sneathen,  Spartan WPC
Nik Caryotakis,  Stanford
Cameron Reagan,  Vanguard
Benjamin Russo,  West Sub-Naperville

Jolie Trujillo,   680
Leslie Garfias,  Chicago Park District
Bryana Santis,  Commerce
Alex Brown,   Diablo
Paige Furano,   Greenwich Aquatics
Claire Hass,   NIPC
Megan Kelleher,  Rose Bowl
Gen Petrassi,   SD Shores
Joscelyn Thorp,   Santa Barbara
Bella Baia,   SOCAL
Allison Sullivan,  Stanford
Lindsey Torgerson,  United

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