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S & R Sport Coach Of The Month - September 2013 - Cody & Dustin Serrano - CMAC

Sept. 24, 2013

The winner of the S & R Sport Coach of the Month for September 2013 are Cody and Dustin Serrano. For winning coach of the month Cody and Dustin receive a $50 gift certificate to Below is the nomination submitted by club parent Koreen Johnson.

I am writing this nomination in recommendation for my sons Club water polo coaches, Cody and Dustin Serrano, known in the community as the “twins”. I have had the honor of knowing and watching the twins play high school polo, college polo and now give back to their community by teaching, mentoring and guiding the boys of girls at Costa Mesa Aquatics Club.

They have volunteered numerous hours at the beginning of our Club, three years ago. The success of our club surviving in the beginning is due in high part to the twins. They volunteered to coach and spent most of their free time dedicated to the success of the program. While most “college” kids are focused on themselves, these boys had the kids and club success as one of their top priorities. They not only coached the game and taught the kids the rules of water polo, they became family to the kids. The CMAC athletes look up to the twins and have learned so many life lessons and examples how to be in the water and out. They show by their actions- how to have integrity, values, morals and create lasting friendships and to continue the love of family.

It amazes me that these two boys give so much of themselves to the kids. They are like older brothers to everyone on the team- however, the still manage to coach with heart, discipline and skill. They are wise beyond their years and share their love of water polo to the kids.

There are few coaches in the world of youth sports that are dedicated as much as the twins are. They understand that they must not only teach the skills and continue the athletic development of each of their athletes but also to develop their characters. It is rare that you find coaches at their age that understand the fundamentals of coaching youth sports.

This summer at Junior Olympics, we truly saw how passionate they are about their teams and athletes. Cody had broken his nose (in a master polo game) and was supposed to rest, he tried coaching by “facetiming” but had to be there to watch the games and be there for the kids. We parents were surprised and even told him to go home and rest and he replied – I can not miss these games, I have to be here!. When our team won GOLD- the coaches joy were so genuine and not just because they coached the winning team but because thy really truly LOVE the kids. We have pictures of them hugging them with tears in their eyes- that are amazingly heartwarming.  CMAC athletes and parents are lucky to have these two amazing young men be able to be coaches and mentors to our children—and they are incredible polo players to boot!




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