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USA Water Polo Announces 2014-2015 Academic All-Americans

Athletes from all over the country were recognized for their excellence in the classroom

Athletes from all over the country were recognized for their excellence in the classroom
Sept. 4, 2015 Huntington Beach, CA - September 4 - USA Water Polo is proud to announce the 2014-2015 Academic All-Americans. Congratulations to all the athletes recognized for their hard work in the classroom. Student-athletes needed a 3.6 GPA on a scale of 4.0 to qualify, those that received a 4.0 GPA were honored as outstanding achievers.

**Updated September 17, 2015

Total Athletes Awarded - 1,049
*Outstanding Achievers - 776 (73.97%)
2013-2014 Athletes Awarded- 936
2012-2013 Athletes Awarded- 935
2011-2012 Athletes Awarded- 722
2010-2011 Athletes Awarded- 674
2009-2010 Athletes Awarded- 494
2008-2009 Athletes Awarded- 455
2007-2008 Athletes Awarded- 287
2006-2007 Athletes Awarded- 95

Male - 610 (58.15%)
Female - 439 (41.85%)

10th - 466 (44.43%)
11th - 479 (45.66%)
12th - 104 (9.91%)

CA vs. Nation
CA - 784 (74.75%)
Non-CA - 265 (25.25%)

West - 852 (81.22%)
Central - 106 (10.11%)
East - 91 (8.68%)

Clubs Best Represented
Stanford- 47
West Valley- 34
SET- 33
680- 32
CDM- 26
Lamorinda- 26
SHAQ- 26
Davis- 24
SD Shores- 22
P.V.- 21
Rose Bowl- 21
Foothill- 20
SB 805- 19
Huntington Beach- 18
West Houston- 18
Diablo- 15
Bruin- 14
Del Mar- 14
North Texas Thunder- 14
Pittsburgh- 14
American River- 13
Regency- 13

2014-2015 Academic All-Americans
Last Name First Name Club
Abarta* Megan Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Abbott* Samuel Puget Sound Polo
Abramson* Tyler Lamorinda Water Polo
Acencio* Zack C-Cal Water Polo
Achepohl* Grace Lyons Swim And Water Polo Club
Acker* Samantha Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Adame Alexander NWC Water Polo Club
Adams* Elizabeth Northwest Orcas Water Polo Club
Addington* Jonah C-Cal Water Polo
Aguilar Clarice Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Aguirre-Murray* Lilith SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Albers David CHAWP
Alcorn* Ryan Navy Aquatic Club
Aldrete Aracelia 680 Water Polo
Alexander* Jack Arroyo Grande Water Polo
Allegrucci* Emma Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Allman Hanna P.V. Water Polo Club
Almera* Azriel Krista San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Alsterlind* Brooke Diablo Water Polo
Alvarez Alyssa Davis Water Polo Club
Ambrose Matthew Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Amir-Aslani Dariush Greenwich Aquatics
Andersen* Rachel Diablo Water Polo
Anderson* Madeline Napa Valley Water Polo
Andrade Colton 680 Water Polo
Andrews Elizabeth Chehalem Water Polo Club
Andrews* Claire La Jolla Water Polo Club
Anthony* Daniel Epic Water Polo
Arnett* Meredith CHAWP
Arrasmith* Nikolai Pride Water Polo Academy
Arroyo* Annalise Narrows Water Polo Club
Asensio* Alec Jesuit Water Polo
Asplund* Kevin Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Atherton* Katherine Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Ayala Danielle SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Ayala* Amelia Santa Barbara 805
Ayoob* Hart Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Bahia Arvin Golden State Aquatics
Bailey* Brett Fog City Water Polo
Bailey* Charles Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Baillie* Ashley Golden State Aquatics
Baird* Nicholas Del Mar Water Polo Club
Baker* Hayley American River Water Polo Club
Ballew* Maycee Rebel Water Polo Club
Banks* Finn Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Banta* Barron Regency Water Polo Club
Barberena Thompson* Joshua Davis Water Polo Club
Barman John Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Barr* Aubree American River Water Polo Club
Barrett* Daniel Bruin Water Polo Club
Barrie* Catherine Westside Aquatics
Barron Hayden Huntington Beach Water Polo
Baxter* Spencer Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Beale* David California Republic SC
Beatty Brice Eastvale Water Polo Club
Begg* Brooke Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Behnke* Jacob Sacramento Water Polo
Belateche* Zachary Los Angeles Premier
Bell* Liam California Republic SC
Bell* Nicholas Pacific Polo
Belville* Sawyer CHAWP
Benoit* Caroline GHSWPA
Bernardi Jared Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo
Bernstein* Max Mad Dog Water Polo
Bertrand* Nicole La Jolla Water Polo Club
Bethel Maxwell Navy Aquatic Club
Bharadia* Aminah Huntington Beach Water Polo
Bick* Catherine Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Bindi* Jon Lamorinda Water Polo
Binetti Lorenzo Ann Arbor WPC
Binnig* Lauren North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Black* Andrew Golden State Aquatics
Blackwell Matthew Davis Water Polo Club
Blair* Olivia Regency Water Polo Club
Blake* Abaigeal SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Blaney* Evan Westside Aquatics
Bleiberg* Dara Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Blumberg Peter Davis Water Polo Club
Borisoff Maia Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Borton Anna Huntington Beach Water Polo
Bottolfson Andrew West Houston Water Polo
Bowers* Kevin Northern California Aquatics
Box* Christopher Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Boyajian* Bianca Marin Water Polo Club
Bradley* Cassandra Golden State Aquatics
Bradley* Jakob Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo
Breeden* Andrew Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Breen Maria North Beach Water Polo
Brennan Matthew Regency Water Polo Club
Britt Eliza Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Britt* Nicholas CDM Aquatics Federation
Broekema* Summer La Jolla Water Polo Club
Brooks* Ben CDM Aquatics Federation
Brosnan* Cole Newport Beach Water Polo, Inc.
Brown Caleb International Water Polo Club
Brown* Matthew Wolverine Water Polo
Brown* Taylor San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Brownsberger Kaylee Huntington Beach Water Polo
Bruchal* Silia Seattle Water Polo
Brueggeman Mark P.V. Water Polo Club
Brummett* Jessie Santa Barbara 805
Bruno* Kira La Jolla Water Polo Club
Brutocao* Blake Foothill Club
Buch* Kyle P.V. Water Polo Club
Buck* Hannah Lamorinda Water Polo
Burke* Patrick Bakersfield Water Polo Club
Burlinson* John Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Burmas* Nathaniel Davis Water Polo Club
Burnette* James South Florida Water Polo
Burns Lauren NIPC
Burns* Amanda Granite Bay Water Polo Club
Burrell* Jayci Riverside Water Polo
Butelet* Nicolas West Coast Aquatics
Byrnes Molly Greenwich Aquatics
Byrnes Owen Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Cairns* Scott Northern California Aquatics
Callagy* Patrick Golden State Aquatics
Campanaro Daniel Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Campo* Havana North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Canale* Karli San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Candioty Brett Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Canelis Madison Northwest Blue Crush Aquatic Club
Canisso* Kimberly Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo
Cannestra* Berkeley Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Cannon* Timothy Jesuit Water Polo
Cardot* Charles Dynamo Water Polo
Carey Thomas Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Carlos* Carissa North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Carniglia* Noah LWC
Carpenter Connor San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Carr* Allison Academy Water Polo Club
Carrera-Justiz* Sofia Diablo Water Polo
Carson-Hull* Hailey SOAK Water Polo
Castellano* Amy SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Cauldren Kacey Redlands Renegades
Cavanaugh Hailey Davis Water Polo Club
Cayse Parker Mad Dog Water Polo
Cerda* John Jesuit Water Polo
Cervantes Cole CDM Aquatics Federation
Chamberlin* Layla South Bay United Water Polo Club
Chandler Nathan West Valley Water Polo
Charter* Lauren American River Water Polo Club
Chen* Victoria West Valley Water Polo
Cheng* Zoe Lamorinda Water Polo
Christensen Hans Pacific Polo
Churchman* Matthew West Houston Water Polo
Cico* Francesco Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Clague* Allyson Clovis Water Polo Club
Claman* Katherine Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Clark* Connor Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Clark* Jordan Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Cloutier Chaine* Anabelle P.V. Water Polo Club
Clutter* Dennis Jesuit Water Polo
Coachman Sydney West Houston Water Polo
Coachman* Todd West Houston Water Polo
Cohen Daniel South Coast Water Polo Club
Cole* Adam Orange County Water Polo Club
Cole* Andrew Colorado Water Polo
Cole* Ashton West Houston Water Polo
Cole* Miles Santa Barbara Premier
Coleman* Aaron CC United
Collier* William Greenwich Aquatics
Commesso* Sarah Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Conen* Katrina Sacramento Water Polo
Conger* Matthew Carlsbad Water Polo
Connella Christian Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Connolly* Heather Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Conrad* Casey Lamorinda Water Polo
Constandse* Kayla Regency Water Polo Club
Contreras* Brooke Commerce Aquatics
Cook Colleen South Pasadena Water Polo
Cook* Kaitlyn West Valley Water Polo
Cook* Kirsten West Valley Water Polo
Coombs* Tyson Flo Water Polo Club
Coon* Julia Davis Water Polo Club
Cooper* Devon CDM Aquatics Federation
Corkos* Pericles South Bay Peninsula Water Polo Club
Corns* Kerston Foothill Club
Costa Parker Legacy Water Polo
Costa* Cody Merced Water Polo Club
Costa* Joseph Sacramento Water Polo
Costello* Sean West Houston Water Polo
Costin Taylor Narrows Water Polo Club
Cousineau* Alaina Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Cox* Joseph Ball Under
Crabtree Haley Hawaiian Islands Water Polo
Craig* Nathan West Houston Water Polo
Crouzet* Pierre Porterville Water Polo
Crow* Shannon Clovis Water Polo Club
Crum Alexander CC United
Crumbaugh Carlie Lamorinda Water Polo
Csaposs* Steven Davis Water Polo Club
Curry Cade Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Cutler Alec Rockford Aquatic Club
Dacus* Ryker Orcutt Polo Association/One Way Wp Club
Dadd* Lydia Santa Clara Swim Club
Dailey Keira Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Dales* Ronald North Beach Water Polo
Damaschino Everest 680 Water Polo
Damato* Madalyn Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Dana Gabrielle Clovis Water Polo Club
Daniel* Ava Burlingame Aquatic Club
Daniels* Peter Jake Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Danielsen* Karl Sacramento Water Polo
Danon* William Raider Water Polo
Danzer* Jake Pacific Polo
Daseking* Julie Northern California Aquatics
David* Madeline Diablo Water Polo
Dawson* Garrett Davis Water Polo Club
De Arantes Oliveira Sebastian Golden State Aquatics
De Vito* John Del Mar Water Polo Club
Decastongrene* Molly Soquel Wax-Em
Decicco* Allison Orlando Thunder
Deirmenjian* Armen Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Deleeuw* Taralyn Carlsbad Girls Water Polo
Delgado* Zachary Xtreme Water Polo
Dell* Ryan Kingfish Water Polo Foundation, Inc
Deluna Nicholas Golden State Aquatics
Dempsey* Sara SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Denkler* Amanda Scots Water Polo
Denney* Kristen Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Derdeyn* Colin Jungle Cat Water Polo
Derose* Hannah Riverside Water Polo
Dhalla* Arjun West Valley Water Polo
Diacono* Matthew Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Diakon Alexandra Legacy Water Polo
Dias* Bridget C-Cal Water Polo
DiGiovanni* Tia CDM Aquatics Federation
Dilworth Christopher South Coast Water Polo Club
Discipulo* Isaiah Soquel Wax-Em
Dixon* Katherine South Bay United Water Polo Club
Doerfler* Grace Pittsburgh Water Polo
Doetsch* Peter Pittsburgh Water Polo
Dollaku* Esma Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Dominick Luke South Coast Water Polo Club
Donnelly Colton Silicon Valley Outlaws
Donnelly John Elite Water Polo
Dougherty* Michael Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Downey* Kevin Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Draper* Tessa Burlingame Aquatic Club
Drebin* Alina Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Drebin* Claire Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Drewe* Mackenzie Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Driscoll* Robert Academy Water Polo Club
Drury* John Jungle Cat Water Polo
Duarte* Daniela YCF Water Polo Club
Duggan* Lauren Santa Barbara 805
Dumhart* Indigo Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Dun* Matthew California Republic SC
Duncan* Sean Regency Water Polo Club
Echelberger* Marissa Capistrano Valley Aquatics Club Alliance
Eckert* Tom Lyons Swim And Water Polo Club
Eckmann* Christian South Coast Water Polo Club
Eden* Erika Tualatin Hills Water Polo Club
Edwards* Sean SC Tritons
Ela Cody Shore Aquatics
Elgabalawy Bilal San Marino Water Polo Club
Elgin Kathryn SOAK Water Polo
Elliott* Dylan Santa Barbara Premier
Ellsworth* Madison Pittsburgh Water Polo
Emden Philip West Suburban Water Polo Club
Empey* Kate Arroyo Grande Water Polo
Engelman* Cooper Clovis Water Polo Club
Engstrom* Claire Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Enright* Jackson Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Enriquez Metztli SOAK Water Polo
Erb* Alejandra Marin Water Polo Club
Erling* Thomas Admiral Water Polo Foundation
Esenwein* Daniel University Pacific Water Polo
Eskew* Mikayla Poway Valley Water Polo
Evans* Haley Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Ewoldt* Claire Orlando Thunder
Fain* Johnie lee Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Falcon Mario Orange County Riptide
Falcon Megan Elite Water Polo
Fargo* Mitchell CHAWP
Farley Mary Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Feenstra* Karly Huntington Beach Water Polo
Fehr Kelly Pittsburgh Water Polo
Feigel* Tennyson Rebel Water Polo Club
Feldmar* Sophia Bruin Water Polo Club
Felix* Mary Hola!
Feller* Evan P.V. Water Polo Club
Fellner III* Thomas Lamorinda Water Polo
Ferguson* Jane Davis Water Polo Club
Filipovic* Filip Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Filler* Kirsten Del Mar Water Polo Club
Fischer* Ethan Rockford Aquatic Club
Fisher Jared Bay Area Sunset Aquatics
Flack Connor Jungle Cat Water Polo
Flath Mackenzie Diablo Water Polo
Fleisner* Nicholas Pittsburgh Water Polo
Fleming Gibson West Houston Water Polo
Flint* Sydney Davis Water Polo Club
Flower* Audrey Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Floyd* Parker Porterville Water Polo
Fong* Patrick Northern California Aquatics
Forer* Shawn Lamorinda Water Polo
Forest* Christabella CHAWP
Fossati* Gina West Houston Water Polo
Fowler* Montana West Valley Water Polo
Fox* Mason Kearns Water Polo
Francis Katherine Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Frear* Parker Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Frejlach Christopher Foothill Club
French* Katie Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Frey* Madeline Bakersfield Water Polo Club
Frey* Shelby West Valley Water Polo
Frey* Wade Bakersfield Water Polo Club
Frye* Thomas CHAWP
Fugit* Kathryn Foothill Club
Fuller* Adam Santa Barbara Premier
Furey* Lillian Central Florida Sun Water Polo Club
Furniss* Troy SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Gacutan* Malia Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Gaffney* Christopher Santa Barbara Premier
Galasso* Oriana Oregon Empire Water Polo Academy
Galgani Joseph Foothill Club
Gallagher Reilly California Republic SC
Galli Peter Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Gallo* Sam Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Garcia Samantha Newport Water Polo Foundation
Garcia* Kristina Santa Barbara 805
Garcia-Roy Gabriella Lamorinda Water Polo
Garrett Marshall Rockwall Water Polo Club
Garrett Sage Wolverine Water Polo
Garton* Mykel Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo
Garwick* Rachel Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Gatecliff* Gillian Pacific Polo
Gauvin* Carolyn Coronado Aquatics Club
Gay* Mitchell North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Gazzaniga Gabriella California Republic SC
Gelbach* Nathan Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Gelber* Zachary San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Gellert* Hailey Santa Barbara 805
Gelnak* Michael Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Generoso* Rica CT Shoreline Water Polo
Genetti* Cameron Granite Bay Water Polo Club
Georgiopoulos* Alexander Serpent Warriors
Giblin* Kylee Windward Water Polo Club
Giglio Spencer 680 Water Polo
Gillis Bree Santa Clara Swim Club
Gimbel* Derek Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Girouard* Zane Burlingame Aquatic Club
Glaubensklee* Christopher International Water Polo Club
Goddard* Logan Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Gofman* Matthew Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Goggia Siena Santa Barbara 805
Gomes* Madison Burlingame Aquatic Club
Gomez Benjamin International Water Polo Club
Gonzalez* Allison Bakersfield Water Polo Club
Goodfellow* Matthew Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Goodson* Connor Legacy Water Polo
Goolsby* Seth Team Vegas Water Polo
Gorlinski* Campbell SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Gorlinski* Lana SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Gould* Jason Raider Water Polo
Granick* Conor P.V. Water Polo Club
Grant* Kellan Foothill Club
Grau* Alexa Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Grauer* Gina Miami Riptides Water Polo
Green Michael Lamorinda Water Polo
Greenwood* Megan Clovis Water Polo Club
Griffith* Emma Moose Water Polo
Grimmer* Haley 680 Water Polo
Guedel* Jacob Northwest Orcas Water Polo Club
Guo* Grace Greenwich Aquatics
Gutierrez Anthony Eastvale Water Polo Club
Hack* Brendan CDM Aquatics Federation
Hagerty* Haley Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Hainze* Jesse Bellevue High School
Hakanson Alexander Mid-Pen Water Polo Club
Haket Brannan 680 Water Polo
Hall Matthew Greenwich Aquatics
Hallal* Riad Coronado Aquatics Club
Hallissy James Bruin Water Polo Club
Hamilton Keely Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Hammer John Puget Sound Polo
Hanley, Jr.* Yurii 680 Water Polo
Hansen Parker Eugene City Water Polo
Hansen* Mitchell Rain City Water Polo
Hare Hannah Diablo Water Polo
Harris* Katelin P.V. Water Polo Club
Harris* Sydney Soquel Wax-Em
Harrison* Julie SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Hart Stephanie SOAK Water Polo
Hart III* Michael Bakersfield Water Polo Club
Harter* Phillip Jungle Cat Water Polo
Harvey Caitlin CDM Aquatics Federation
Hatch Justin Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Hazard* Kiersten P.V. Water Polo Club
Heiduk* Riley Santa Barbara 805
Heimerdinger* Cole Clovis Water Polo Club
Helm* Cynthia International Water Polo Club
Hemphill* Julia Granite Bay Water Polo Club
Henkhaus* Tanner Huntington Beach Water Polo
Henschel* Clayton Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Hettema* Sarah Santa Clara Swim Club
Hicks Michael Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo
Hicks* Kyle Irvine Water Polo Club (Kahuna)
Higginson Madison Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Hilde-Jones* Calder Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Hill* Jason Kingfish Water Polo Foundation, Inc
Hillman Nicholas Lamorinda Water Polo
Hilovsky* Juliann SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Himebaugh* Andrew Spartan Water Polo Club (Mi)
Himler Madison North Irvine Water Polo Club
Hires* Jason Wolverine Water Polo
Hockenbury* Christian Regency Water Polo Club
Hodges* Sloan Miami Riptides Water Polo
Hof Daniel Mad Dog Water Polo
Holcomb* Devin Foothill Club
Holder* Ian CDM Aquatics Federation
Holland* Kelsey SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Hollander* Erin Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Holzer* William NIPC
Honaker Easton St. Mark's Water Polo Club
Honey Matthew Orange County Water Polo Club
Hong* Joy Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Hong* Kristen Diablo Water Polo
Hoose* Foster CDM Aquatics Federation
Horeff* Davis West Valley Water Polo
Hornecker Charles SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Hoskins* Callan Lamorinda Water Polo
Houghton* Frederick Sharks
Hourigan* Tristan Academy Water Polo Club
Hu* Daniel North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Hu* Galen North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Hughes Daci South Davis Water Polo
Huibregtse* Clyde Greenwich Aquatics
Hummel Dominic LWC
Hunter* Patrick Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Hurd* Dylan Carlsbad Water Polo
Hyham Kalista Huntington Beach Water Polo
Iourovitski* Janis Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Irvine Andrew Jungle Cat Water Polo
Irvine Kyle Jungle Cat Water Polo
Ivanov* Nicola Del Mar Water Polo Club
Jackson Kyle West Suburban Water Polo Club
Jackson* Hailey San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Jacuzzi Cullen 680 Water Polo
Jaffe* Rachael SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Janosi* Alex Wolverine Water Polo
Jarvis* Bailey 680 Water Polo
Jennings Daniel Ball Under
Jensen* Trevor Escondido Riptides Water Polo
Jesson Colette Tualatin Hills Water Polo Club
Jette Gavin Tualatin Hills Water Polo Club
Jette* Jade Oregon Empire Water Polo Academy
Johnson Alexander Legacy Water Polo
Johnson* Jake San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Johnson* Julia West Houston Water Polo
Johnson* Kimberly 680 Water Polo
Johnston Madeline 680 Water Polo
Jomo* Ella Greenwich Aquatics
Jomsky* Jordan South Coast Water Polo Club
Jones Victoria Davis Water Polo Club
Jordan Malea Soquel Wax-Em
Joyce* Claire Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Jozefov Andrew Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Jung* Sean Los Angeles Premier
Kahler* Jared University Pacific Water Polo
Kalandiak* Paul Raider Water Polo
Kang* Joshua QuickSilver
Kaplan* Madison Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Kaplan* Reed Bruin Water Polo Club
Kaptur* Thomas Lyons Swim And Water Polo Club
Kassem* Remy Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Kassem* Stefan Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Kast* Hannah Moose Water Polo
Katzenmeyer* Kyle Davis Water Polo Club
Kautz* Wilhem University Pacific Water Polo
Kawecki* Eric Foothill Club
Kayton Natalie Santa Barbara 805
Keating* Alexander Longhorn Aquatics
Keck Lily San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Kelley* Angela West Houston Water Polo
Kenny* Peter 680 Water Polo
Kertesz* Damjan CDM Aquatics Federation
Keshishian* Paul Huntington Beach Water Polo
Khaykin* Anders Trojan Water Polo (Ca)
Kidman* Brett Shore Aquatics
Killion* Parker North Irvine Water Polo Club
Killoran* Brenna Diablo Water Polo
Kim Mitchell Westside Aquatics
Kim* Ethan P.V. Water Polo Club
Kim* Evan CDM Aquatics Federation
Kim* Taewook (Andrew) Huntington Beach Water Polo
Kimberling* Jessica Foothill Club
Kimes* Nicholas Legacy Water Polo
King* Houston Visalia United Water Polo Club
King-Adas* Viviane Soquel Wax-Em
Kirby* Jack University Pacific Water Polo
Kirchen Matthew West Coast Aquatics
Klobucher Koss Santa Barbara Premier
Knepp* Bodie West Valley Water Polo
Knox* Ethan Orange County Riptide
Ko* Justin Regency Water Polo Club
Koe* Elyse Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Koe* Reece South Coast Water Polo Club
Koerber Kailyn West Valley Water Polo
Koshy* Malaika Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Kotcher* Jenna Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Kraft Shelby Foothill Club
Kramer* Allison West Valley Water Polo
Krantz Krista Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Kreienkamp* Christopher Jungle Cat Water Polo
Kreiser* Sarah Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Krisztinicz Treacy NXT Water Polo Club
Kroutil* Noah C-Cal Water Polo
Kruse Cade Bruin Water Polo Club
Kuehn* Richard Daisy Water Polo Club
Kulick Keith West Valley Water Polo
Kurtz* Douglas Northern California Aquatics
Kurtz* Joshua San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Kwon Ohsun West Valley Water Polo
Lagrange* Zachary San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Laier* Angela Wolverine Water Polo
Lakon Nicholas Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Lambert* Sarah Pride Water Polo Academy
Landrum* Jacob Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Lane* Thomas Orcutt Polo Association/One Way Wp Club
Lang Paul Jesuit Water Polo
Lang* Anna Hola!
Lang* Julie Pride Water Polo Academy
Langley* Kevin CDM Aquatics Federation
Launius* Benjamin South Coast Water Polo Club
Laurencio* Charles West Valley Water Polo
Lawler* Thea West Valley Water Polo
Lawson* Sarah CDM Aquatics Federation
Layne* Brixton Asa Aquatics
Layne* Maci C-Cal Water Polo
Le* Nathan Redlands Renegades
Leatherwood Tessa North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Leboa* Tyler Alameda Water Polo Club
Lee Kiegan Soquel Wax-Em
Lee* Kevin Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Leighton Jack Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Leimbach Molly P.V. Water Polo Club
Leiter* Brett SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Leserman* Steven 680 Water Polo
Leshock* John West Suburban Water Polo Club
Leung* Christopher Conqueror Polo
Leung* Kyle Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Lewin Rachael 680 Water Polo
Lico Benjamin Fog City Water Polo
Liebowitz* Alexis 680 Water Polo
Lima* Austin South Florida Water Polo
Lin* Andrew St. Mark's Water Polo Club
Ling* David Puget Sound Polo
Lipari* Nicolas West Valley Water Polo
Liu* Jack Davis Water Polo Club
Livingston* Jared Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Long* Allison Huntington Beach Water Polo
Lorenz* Madison Power Aquatics
Lotfi* Kian Westside Aquatics
Loving* Zoe Kearns Water Polo
Lowdon* William Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Lucero* Kamryn SOAK Water Polo
Lunde* Madelynne Huntington Beach Water Polo
Luneng Solli* Amalie Westside Aquatics
Lusinchi* Margo Northern California Aquatics
Lyckfors* Nicole Diablo Water Polo
MacAulay* Jennifer Stanford Water Polo Foundation
MacDonald Connor Granite Bay Water Polo Club
Macdonell* Logan West Valley Water Polo
MacLean Conor West Valley Water Polo
Mactavish* Duncan P.V. Water Polo Club
Macy Lola Santa Barbara 805
Madanahalli Pranav DACA Water Polo
Magee* Mathew West Suburban Water Polo Club
Magid* Joshua P.V. Water Polo Club
Magnuson* Claire San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Magoon* Cole Ann Arbor WPC
Maguy* Sophia P.V. Water Polo Club
Maher Kerrin West Coast Aquatics
Malone* Ryan Central Coast Sharks Water Polo Club
Malouff* Samantha Riverside Water Polo
Mammolito Denise CHAWP
Mangrum Savannah Rebel Water Polo Club
Manson* Colbert P.V. Water Polo Club
Manson* Easton P.V. Water Polo Club
Marchy* Robert Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo
Marks* Zachary Miami Riptides Water Polo
Marques* Dominic Golden State Aquatics
Marr Ashley Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Marshall* Nicholas Asa Aquatics
Martin* Noah Carlsbad Water Polo
Martinez* Madison Flying Bulldog Water Polo
Martinez* Nicolas DACA Water Polo
Martinez* Ricardo Scots Water Polo
Masse* Amber West Valley Water Polo
Matson* Cooper Northwest Orcas Water Polo Club
Mattis* Ava Huntington Beach Water Polo
Mavis* Andrew Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Maxson Brooke SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
May* Charlie Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
McCabe* James Los Angeles Premier
McCall* Kyle North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
McCartney Shane CDM Aquatics Federation
McClafferty Kaden Bruin Water Polo Club
McClymonds* Oliver Carlsbad Water Polo
McComb* Griffin Del Mar Water Polo Club
McCombs Ryan Santa Barbara Premier
McCormack Matthew Ann Arbor WPC
McCullum* Garrett 680 Water Polo
McDougal* Maigrie American River Water Polo Club
McDowell* Alandra Park City
McDowell* Claire Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
McKenney* Kyle Clovis Water Polo Club
McLaren Devyani Saddleback El Toro (SET)
McMaster* Duncan Colorado Water Polo
McNamara* Patrick Bruin Water Polo Club
McQuet* Mason 680 Water Polo
McVeigh* Kristopher Riverside Water Polo
Meckelborg Amelia Santa Barbara 805
Meek* Victoria Rose Coronado Aquatics Club
Melin* Daniel Puget Sound Polo
Melosini* Ryan SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Mendelsohn* Alec Los Angeles Premier
Merrill* Kaitlin CHAWP
Meyer Mariah Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Meyers* Summer North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Milham* Aubrey Diablo Water Polo
Miller Justin Bruin Water Polo Club
Miller* Harrison CDM Aquatics Federation
Miller* Lea Diablo Water Polo
Mineo* Giovanni San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Minor* Elizabeth American River Water Polo Club
Minott Zachary International Water Polo Club
Molloy* Morgan Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Moon* Lindsey Narrows Water Polo Club
Mooney Sarah Lamorinda Water Polo
Moore Melyssa 680 Water Polo
Moore* Anthony San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Morgan Kelly CDM Aquatics Federation
Morrison Cal Lamorinda Water Polo
Morrison Claire Burlingame Aquatic Club
Morrison* Jesse Santa Barbara Premier
Morter* Cole South Coast Water Polo Club
Moss* Conrad Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Mueller* Garrison Mesa Water Polo Academy
Mulato Christina Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Mullery* Cara Miami Riptides Water Polo
Murphy Christian Granite Bay Water Polo Club
Murphy* John San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Murray* Sabrina Puget Sound Polo
Muxo* Mario Miami Riptides Water Polo
Myers Tanner San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Nacino Joshua Raymund New York Water Polo Club
Nahlin* Annalise Northwest Orcas Water Polo Club
Narlock* Dean Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Naugle* Samuel Sacramento Water Polo
Naveira Allison Atwater Merced Water Polo
Nedrow* Katie North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Negus* Allison C-Cal Water Polo
Nelsen* Brandon P.V. Water Polo Club
Nelson Chad Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Nelson Rachel Capistrano Valley Aquatics Club Alliance
Nelson* Spencer Del Mar Water Polo Club
Nelson* Wyatt Elite Water Polo
Newberger* David Rockford Aquatic Club
Newman* Brett Bruin Water Polo Club
Newton Matthew Asa Aquatics
Ney Allison Moose Water Polo
Ney* Michael Clayton Water Polo Club
Nguyen Camille Moose Water Polo
Nguyen* David West Valley Water Polo
Nguyen* Melissa Moose Water Polo
Nguyen* Yen Trojan Water Polo (Ca)
Nichols* Sarah Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Niederreiter* Hayden C-Cal Water Polo
Niehoff Christian Mad Dog Water Polo
Nielsen* Cole Northwest Orcas Water Polo Club
Noble* Emma Huntington Beach Water Polo
Nolan* Molly South Bay United Water Polo Club
Noorian Ryan ONE WPC
Nordmann* Thomas Jungle Cat Water Polo
Nylund* Paul Jesuit Water Polo
O'Callaghan Grace Sacramento Water Polo
Oconnell Tristan P.V. Water Polo Club
Okamura Isabelle Santa Clara Swim Club
Okoneski Cameron Tualatin Hills Water Polo Club
Okuma* Sachin SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Oleinik* Nick NIPC
Olesen* Ryan Greenwich Aquatics
Olsen* Sean P.V. Water Polo Club
O'Neill* Jake Del Mar Water Polo Club
Ong* Patrick CDM Aquatics Federation
Ong* Vincent CDM Aquatics Federation
Onorato* Christopher West Houston Water Polo
O'Reilly Madison Greenwich Aquatics
Orrick* Joshua North Irvine Water Polo Club
Overbeck* Timothy Vanguard Aquatics
Oys* Maggie Davis Water Polo Club
Paek* Ethan Tualatin Hills Water Polo Club
Paiva Jacob California Republic SC
Palmer* Jack Santa Barbara Premier
Palmer* Mercade Sacramento Water Polo
Pan* Kevin Conqueror Polo
Panconi* Danielle West Valley Water Polo
Pang* Charles Greenwich Aquatics
Pao* Christina Northern California Aquatics
Parino* Nick Sacramento Water Polo
Parker Holly Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Parrish* Liam Legacy Water Polo
Patel* Abhinav West Valley Water Polo
Patel* Raina West Valley Water Polo
Patterson* Matt Puget Sound Polo
Patterson* Megan Power Aquatics
Pautsch* Madeline Granite Bay Water Polo Club
Payne* Matthew Regency Water Polo Club
Peckinpah* Samuel C-Cal Water Polo
Pejovski* Pavle Huntington Beach Water Polo
Pendolino* Madeline Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Peng* Jarren Racers Aquatics
Peoples* Alan Shore Aquatics
Perkins* Alyson SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Perna* Madison Davis Water Polo Club
Pertel* Anya Westside Aquatics
Peters* Briana Riverside Water Polo
Peterson* Timothy Soma Aquatics Water Polo
Pevehouse Grace-Ann SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Pfefferlen* Abigail Santa Clara Swim Club
Phariss* Jacy West Houston Water Polo
Phillips* Robert Clovis Water Polo Club
Phreaner* Jenna Santa Barbara 805
Pilkington* Jacob Merced Water Polo Club
Pine* Sean Ball Under
Pittman Reagan SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Plank* Megan Sacramento Water Polo
Plastino* Michael Granite Bay Water Polo Club
Plat* Bryan Foothill Club
Plumb* Natalie Del Mar Water Polo Club
Plunkett* Walter LWC
Pogue* Hayley San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Pollina* Cole North Houston Water Polo Club
Poole* Claire North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Porter Wesley Hola!
Porter* Gregory C-Cal Water Polo
Preisler* Alexander Davis Water Polo Club
Prentice Tara Elite Water Polo
Prentice* Brittany Santa Barbara 805
Presten Mark Lamorinda Water Polo
Price* Olivia Diablo Water Polo
Protenic Michaela 680 Water Polo
Pruett* Sean Beast Water Polo
Puhl* Lexi Foothill Club
Puri* Avanti West Valley Water Polo
Pursell* Quinne San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Quinn* Shannon Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Racich Jacqueline Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Rago* Nicolas Soma Aquatics Water Polo
Rainone Vittoria Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Rajaratnam* Anna Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Ramia* Zoe Lamorinda Water Polo
Ramirez Grace Foothill Club
Ranney Camryn Santa Barbara 805
Ransone* Jessee Santa Barbara 805
Rastogi* Medini Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Rauterkus* Grant Pittsburgh Water Polo
Ravina Isabella Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Reid Ryan West Valley Water Polo
Reider* Hayden Carlsbad Water Polo
Reilly Aidan Bruin Water Polo Club
Rendina* Jacob Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Reyes-Capo* Isabela Miami Riptides Water Polo
Reynolds Neil Foothill Club
Reynoso Mason CDM Aquatics Federation
Rice* Megan Legacy Water Polo
Richardson Tera Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Riley* Cory Pittsburgh Water Polo
Riley* Matthew Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Ring* Brenden Santa Barbara Premier
Ritner Emily CDM Aquatics Federation
Ritner* Heidi CDM Aquatics Federation
Rivas* Sofia Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Rivera* Andrew Orcutt Polo Association/One Way Wp Club
Roberts* Jacob Clovis Water Polo Club
Roberts* Jacob Shore Aquatics
Robinson Emily West Houston Water Polo
Robinson* Margaret Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Robison* Bradley Lamorinda Water Polo
Rocha* Megan C-Cal Water Polo
Rodriguez Hannah SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Rodriguez* Alexander Pittsburgh Water Polo
Rogers Charles Lamorinda Water Polo
Rogers* Tricia Eastvale Water Polo Club
Roletter Tanner CDM Aquatics Federation
Roll* Jacob San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Rollman* Justin Pittsburgh Water Polo
Romani* Clara Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Romanovici* Maxim Bruin Water Polo Club
Ronnau* Matt International Water Polo Club
Roof* Karissa Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo
Rosati* Winston Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Rose* Justin Los Angeles Premier
Rosenthal* Natasha San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Rosselli* Tyler Academy Water Polo Club
Rossiter* Aidan Lamorinda Water Polo
Royals Charles Golden State Aquatics
Rubio* Mitchell Pittsburgh Water Polo
Runyan Jeffrey University Pacific Water Polo
Runyon Samantha San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Ruskin* Samantha Del Mar Water Polo Club
Russell* Rylan North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Sadaka* Ciara Scots Water Polo
Salib* Sara Joy Westside Aquatics
Salvini* Mia Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Samaniego* Carlos Scots Water Polo
Sanchez* Zoee West Valley Water Polo
Sander* Matthew Jesuit Water Polo
Sanding* Adrien Pacific Polo
Sandor Adam Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Sannia* Alejandro Raider Water Polo
Santos* Christa West Valley Water Polo
Sasaki* Noah North Irvine Water Polo Club
Saul* Andrew West Houston Water Polo
Saunders Patrick Vanguard Aquatics
Sawyer Ryan CHAWP
Sawyer* Nathan Narrows Water Polo Club
Sayre* Katelyn Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Schafer* Joseph 680 Water Polo
Schafle* Kathleen Davis Water Polo Club
Schall* Zackary Sacramento Water Polo
Schaum* Allison Diablo Water Polo
Schillinger* Christian Lamorinda Water Polo
Schioldager* Ryan Lamorinda Water Polo
Schmidt* Daniel Shore Aquatics
Schmidt* Stephen Lamorinda Water Polo
Schofield* Logan Pittsburgh Water Polo
Scholar Noah American River Water Polo Club
Schrandt* Brian Flo Water Polo Club
Schridde* Miles Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Schuler* Patrick Jungle Cat Water Polo
Schwerdtfeger* Will Westside Aquatics
Scott* Rylan Santa Barbara 805
Scuderi* Chelsea Scots Water Polo
Secard* Joseph Regency Water Polo Club
Sechrest* Austin Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Seidel* Ann-Marie California Republic SC
Self Andrew West Valley Water Polo
Selin Natalie Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Senator* Zachary Westside Aquatics
Seybold, III* Bennie Regency Water Polo Club
Shaffer* Emma Pittsburgh Water Polo
Sharkey* Griffin Mesa Water Polo Academy
Sheffield* Sydney West Valley Water Polo
Shepherd Ian Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Sherer* Jeffrey SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Shields* Brandon Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Shimerov* Hristo Serpent Warriors
Shipstead* Olin Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Siegel Erik Del Mar Water Polo Club
Sierra* Isabella Huntington Beach Water Polo
Simenc* Timothy Lamorinda Water Polo
Simpson Elizabeth Bend Waves Water Polo Club
Simpson Jake 680 Water Polo
Singer* Ariana Santa Barbara 805
Sinsheimer* Miranda Lamorinda Water Polo
Slater* Samantha SOAK Water Polo
Slobodien Samuel Orange County Water Polo Club
Smith* Alyssa University Pacific Water Polo
Smith* Jessica Carlsbad Girls Water Polo
Smith* Savannah Soquel Wax-Em
Snow* Bruno Foothill Club
Soderquist* Scott Davis Water Polo Club
Somma* Evan Gold Coast Aquatics
Sorrells* Leila Orlando Thunder
Soto Stephanie San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Spehar* Nicholas Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Spence* Michael Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Spielman* Zane Westside Aquatics
Spievak* Benjamin Santa Barbara Premier
Spiller Blake Santa Barbara Premier
St John Ryan Puget Sound Polo
Stafford* Jack Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Stanwick* Lillian California Republic SC
Stapelberg* Myles Regency Water Polo Club
Stapleton* Colby Davis Water Polo Club
Stebbins* Samantha Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Stefanou* Patroklos Greenwich Aquatics
Steinmeier* Carmen Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Stenmoen* Kate CHAWP
Stensland* Jack LWC
Stenstedt* Austin Alameda Water Polo Club
Stephens* Amber Narrows Water Polo Club
Stephens* John University Pacific Water Polo
Stepheson* Natalie American River Water Polo Club
Stepnitz* Abigail Wolverine Water Polo
Stevenson Karli Pierce County Water Polo
Steward* Payton Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo
Stewart Madison Diablo Water Polo
Stewart Tanner Foothill Club
Stewart* Conner West Houston Water Polo
Stolken* Emily SOAK Water Polo
Stolyar* Alan Colorado Water Polo
Storm Bridgett CDM Aquatics Federation
Storum Hannah Coronado Aquatics Club
Stray* Riley Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Strickman* Parker South Florida Water Polo
Sturm* Katrina Davis Water Polo Club
Sullivan Gwenyth Lamorinda Water Polo
Sullivan* Collin Del Mar Water Polo Club
Sun* Justin QuickSilver
Suri* Nikhil 680 Water Polo
Swart* Michael Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Swenson* Jared Arroyo Grande Water Polo
Switek* Noah Hola!
Syer* Michelle Ann Arbor WPC
Taber* Alexis Rain City Water Polo
Tallman Benjamin Central Coast Sharks Water Polo Club
Tallman* Jordan Central Coast Sharks Water Polo Club
Tambornini* Alyssa American River Water Polo Club
Tandon* Arnav San Jose Express Water Polo
Tang* Katherine 680 Water Polo
Tang* Kenneth West Valley Water Polo
Tanielu* Jared SOCAL Water Polo Foundation
Taylor Audrey Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Taylor* Arden Arroyo Grande Water Polo
Taylor* Erika Burlingame Aquatic Club
Taylor* Kevin Capital Premier Aquatics
Teitscheid* Benjamin Regency Water Polo Club
Tengwall* Keaton Pittsburgh Water Polo
Thatcher Samuel Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Thomas Chaffin* Aleksandr Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Thomas* Noah Ball Under
Thompson* Paige Bruin Water Polo Club
Thomson Charles Bruin Water Polo Club
Thue* Griffin Trojan Water Polo (Ca)
Thvedt* Eric Foothill Club
Tichenor* Juliana West Houston Water Polo
Tisdale* Britni Santa Barbara 805
Todd* Alec Riverside Water Polo
Todd* Sean Riverside Water Polo
Toronitz* Tavii Seattle Water Polo
Tovani* Samantha 680 Water Polo
Trainor* Danny Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Traversi* Sophia P.V. Water Polo Club
Travisano Chasen Foothill Club
Trinh* Jason Silicon Valley Outlaws
Triscari* Andrew Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Troyer* Dylan Eugene City Water Polo
Trusler* Brandon Jungle Cat Water Polo
Tsui* Andrew Sharks
Tung* Christine Santa Clara Swim Club
Turetzky* Tatum Lamorinda Water Polo
Turnbow-Lindenstadt Connor Del Mar Water Polo Club
Tuttle Emily Spartan Water Polo Club (Mi)
Tuttle Rose 680 Water Polo
Ueberroth William CDM Aquatics Federation
Ulrich* Davis Santa Barbara Premier
Urkov Caroline American River Water Polo Club
Vacca Conner Rain City Water Polo
Van Hulsen Tess Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Van Natta* Ava Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Van Steenhuyse* Nicholas Huntington Beach Water Polo
Vanacore* Joseph Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Vanalstine* Preston Spartan Water Polo Club (Mi)
Vandermade* Colton North San Diego Stars
Verdegaal* Garth C-Cal Water Polo
Verspieren Max California Republic SC
Vick Cole Colorado Water Polo
Vivas* Mareena International Water Polo Club
Vlachonassios* James Huntington Beach Water Polo
Vogeley William 680 Water Polo
Volkov* Kevin Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Vondran David Golden State Aquatics
Vora Kanika West Valley Water Polo
Vukojevic* Marko Del Mar Water Polo Club
Walker Annika Diablo Water Polo
Wall, Jr* David Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Walley* Conner West Houston Water Polo
Walsh Arija Santa Barbara 805
Walsh* Daniel Jungle Cat Water Polo
Wandling* Ryan 680 Water Polo
Wang Phillip DACA Water Polo
Ward* Anne Therese Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Ward* Mary Elizabeth Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Wardwell* Samuel CDM Aquatics Federation
Warner Ana North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Washabaugh* Abigail Pittsburgh Water Polo
Wassell Jacob 680 Water Polo
Watson* Adam San Diego Shores Water Polo Club
Wayne* Ari Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Weatherly* Garrett Trojan Water Polo (Ca)
Weaver* Savannah Santa Clara Swim Club
Webb Marissa 680 Water Polo
Webster Douglas Del Mar Water Polo Club
Weck Talon Redlands Renegades
Weed* Alexandra Tiger Aquatics Water Polo
Wegener* Holly NIPC
Wei Jessica Moose Water Polo
Weiner* Eric Ball Under
Weldon* Edward Hawaiian Islands Water Polo
Werksman* Noah P.V. Water Polo Club
Werner* Ryan West Valley Water Polo
Wesson Connor Napa Premier Aquatics
Wheaton* Roxanne 680 Water Polo
Whipple Matthew Park City
White Alexander 680 Water Polo
White Gunnar Bruin Water Polo Club
White Kyle Modesto/Stanislaus Water Polo
White* Andres CDM Aquatics Federation
Wible Harrison West Valley Water Polo
Wieseler* Allison Foothill Club
Wieseler* Madison Foothill Club
Wiest* John American River Water Polo Club
Wiley* Christine American River Water Polo Club
Wilke* Katherine Rose Bowl Water Polo Club
Wilkison* Remy North Texas Thunder Water Polo Club
Williams Lyndsie Huntington Beach Water Polo
Williams Sarah Spartan Water Polo Club (Mi)
Williams* Bennett Orange County Water Polo Club
Williams* Cameron American River Water Polo Club
Williams* Carter Asa Aquatics
Williams* Christian Rockford Aquatic Club
Williams* Grant Saddleback El Toro (SET)
Williams* Jordan Santa Barbara 805
Williams* Michael 680 Water Polo
Williams* Moira Davis Water Polo Club
Williams* Ronan Navy Aquatic Club
Wilson* Andrew Rockford Aquatic Club
Wilson* Garrett Porterville Water Polo
Wilson* Jack Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Wilson* Ryan Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Winget* Russell Chelsea Piers Water Polo
Winters Phoebe West Valley Water Polo
Witman Ford Rain City Water Polo
Wong Ian Burlingame Aquatic Club
Woodhead* Dylan Sleepy Hollow Aquatics
Wright* Cameron Davis Water Polo Club
Wright* Ian American River Water Polo Club
Wu* Alex Puget Sound Polo
Wuerfel* Alexander Rockford Aquatic Club
Wyatt Lucas Regency Water Polo Club
Xu* Brian Irvine Water Polo Club (Kahuna)
Yaghutiel* Jasmine Santa Clara Swim Club
Yonis* Julianna P.V. Water Polo Club
York* Taylor Arroyo Grande Water Polo
Young* Carter Kingfish Water Polo Foundation, Inc
Younger* Regina Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Youshao* Eric Spartan Water Polo Club (Mi)
Zachary* Riley Orange County Water Polo Club
Zaklicki Matylda NXT Water Polo Club
Zanobini Julianne Davis Water Polo Club
Zaun* Adam Los Angeles Water Polo Club
Znidarsic* Christian Stanford Water Polo Foundation
Zunino* Anthony Stanford Water Polo Foundation




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