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2015 Junior Olympics Session 1 Complete; Champions Crowned

The Santa Barbara Polo Pals won gold in the 18U boys platinum division
July 29, 2015 Orange County, CA - July 29 - The first session of the 2015 Junior Olympics is in the books with champions crowned across five divisions including the 18U, 16U, 14U and 12U boys along with the 10U girls. In the platinum division, representing the highest level of competition it was the Santa Barbara Polo Pals earning gold in the 18U boys division. Northwood took home top honors in the 16U boys with Stanford earning gold in 14U boys. SOCAL was the top team in the 12U boys competition with Back Bay reaching the top of the podium in the 10U girls division. See below for complete final standings from Session 1 along with the athletes that received Most Valuable Player honors.

For complete Junior Olympics Session 1 finishes view the JO Results page. For results and advancement for Session 2 of the Junior Olympics go to JO Results page. For photos from Session 1 including team shots of the gold medal winners, visit KLC Fotos

2015 National Junior Olympics MVPs

10U Girls Back Bay - Isabella Rosensitto

12U Boys SOCAL- William Ocasio

14U Boy Stanford - Noah Smith and Jayden Kunwar

16U Boys Northwood- Ash Molthen

18U Boys The Santa Barbara Polo Pals- Anthony Ridgley

2015 Junior Olympics Session 1 Final Standings

10U Girls Championship
1st Back Bay WP
2nd Laguna Beach A
3rd Riverside WP
4th Santa Barbara 805
6th Santa Barbara Premier
7th Davis WP
8th SC Tritons
9th Laguna Beach B
10th American River

12 U Boys Champoionship
1st SOCAL Black (A)
2nd Vanguard Blue (A)
3rd CC United Black (A)
4th Northwood Navy (A)
5th 680 Red (A)
6th Rose Bowl Red (A)
7th Shore Aquatics Red (A)
8th Newport Beach WP A
9th Mid Valley WP
10th OCWPC
11th San Miguel WPF
12th Vanguard Silver (B)
13th Stanford A
14th United
15th Lamorinda Blue (A)
16th Greenwich Aquatics Blue (A)
17th Foothill Red (A)
18th Trojan Water Polo
19th La Jolla WP
20th San Diego Shores A
21st SET
22nd CDM
23rd Santa Barbara Premier A
24th SC Tritons Red (A)

1st Davis WP
2nd Los Angeles Premier
3rd Commerce Aquatics
4th ORWP
5th Newport Beach WP B
6th Pacific Polo A
7th Carlsbad WP
8th South Bay United WP
9th 680 Blue (B)
10th Viper Pigeon
11th PV Water Polo Red (A)
12th Stanford B
13th Lamorinda Gold (B)
14th International
15th Northwest Orcas WP
16th American River
17th Chelsea Piers
18th CC United Blue (B)
19th Longhorn Aquatics
20th Spartan Water Polo (Mi)
21st Clovis WPC
22nd 680 White C
23rd C Cal WP
24th Thunder WP

12 U Boys Classic
1st Riverside
2nd DACA
3rd Admiral WPF
4th Laguna Beach
5th Northwood Silver (B)
6th Bruin
7th Alliance
8th SOCAL Gold (B)
9th CC Sharks WP
10th Shore Aquatrics Black (B)
11th Huntington Beach Orange (A)
12th Greenwich Aquatics White (B)

1st South Coast
2nd SHAQ
3rd Santa Barbara Premier B
4th Del Mar WP
5th Racer Aquatics
7th Sharks
8th Elite
9th West Valley
10th Water Dogs
11th CC United C
12th Pacific Polo B

14U Boys Championship
1st Stanford A
2nd 680 Red (A)
3rd Trojan WP Cardinal (A)
4th Newport Beach WP A
5th San Diego Shores A
6th OCWPC Blue (A)
7th CC United Black (A)
8th Commerce Aquatics
9th Vanguard Blue (A)
10th Clovis WPC A
11th Northwood Navy (A)
12th Lamorinda Blue (A)
13th Redlands Renegades
14th Los Angeles Premier
15th Bruin
16th Big Valley
17th SET
18th SOCAL Black (A)
19th CHAWP White (A)
20th Foothill Red (A)
21st Greenwich Aquatics Blue (A)
22nd Chelsea Piers
23rd La Jolla Water Polo
24th South Bay United WP

1st Back Bay WP A
2nd NSD Stars
3rd Del Mar WP A
4th SC Tritons Red (A)
5th CA Republic SC
6th Stanford B
7th Rose Bowl Red (A)
8th YCF Water Polo
9th SHAQ A
10th Racer Aquatics
11th DACA A
12th LAWPC
13th American River A
14th Lamorinda Gold (B)
15th Thunder WP
16th Sacramento Polo
17th Kearns
18th Tualatin Hills WP
19th Spartan Water Polo (Mi)
20th Longhorn Aquatics
21st Colorado Water Polo
22nd Puget Sound Polo
23rd Rain City
24th Viper Pigeon

14U Boys Classic
1st United
2nd Elite
3rd Vanguard Silver (B)
4th San Diego Shores B
5th Shore Aquatics Red (A)
6th Huntington Beach Orange (A)
7th San Miguel WPF
8th OCWPC Red (B)
9th Mid Valley
10th Pride Water Polo Academy
11th Riverside WP
12th Valley Falcons
13th La Canada WP
14th Gold Coast Aquatics Gold (A)
15th ORWP
16th ONE WPC
17th Santa Barbara Premier A
18th CC United Blue (B)
19th Stanford C
20th Poway Valley
21st Irvine Kahuna Black (A)
22nd Shore Aquatics Black (B)
23rd Carlsbad WP A
24th PV Water Polo A

1st Silicon Valley Outlaws
2nd Westside Aquatics
3rd Pacific Polo A
4th West Coast Aquatics
5th Newport Beach WP B
6th Alliance
7th South Coast
8th Ball Under
9th CDM
10th CC Sharks
11th Greenwich Aquatics White (B)
12th Napa Premier Aquatics
13th San Jose Express
14th Bakersfield WP
15th Clovis WPC B
16th Costa Mesa Aquatics
17th 680 Blue (B)
18th C Cal Water Polo
19th 680 White C
20th Academy WP
21st West Valley Red (A)
22nd Modesto Stanislaus
23rd American River B
24th Washington Wave Aquatics

16U Boys Championship
1st Northwood
2nd Del Mar WP A
3rd SHAQ
4th Santa Barbara Premier A
5th SOCAL Black (A)
6th Regency WP A
7th Foothill Red (A)
8th San Diego Shores A
9th CHAWP White (A)
10th Shore Aquatics Red (A)
11th Stanford A
12th Trojan WP Cardinal (A)
13th Vanguard Blue (A)
14th Lamorinda Blue (A)
15th SET
16th 680 Red (A)
17th Davis WP A
18th Rose Bowl Red (A)
19th CDM Patriot
20th Sharks
21st ORWP
22nd OCWPC
23rd Carlsbad WP A
24th Puget Sound Polo A

1st Clovis WPC A
2nd SOCAL Gold (B)
3rd American River A
4th Rain City
5th CC United Black (A)
6th Thunder WP
7th Stanford B
8th Wolverine
9th NSD Stars
10th Raider Water Polo
11th Chelsea Piers A
12th Navy Aquatic
13th Porterville A
14th Northwest Orcas WP
15th South Florida Water Polo
16th Albuquerque Water Polo
17th Greenwich Aquatics
18th Spartan Water Polo (Mi) A
19th Rockford Aquatic B
20th Rockford Aquatic B
21st Sacramento Polo
22nd Mesa Water Polo Academy
23rd Viper Pigeon Southeast
24th Kearns

16U Boys Classic
1st Aliso Polo
2nd Redlands Renegades
3rd Bruin
4th Huntington Beach Orange (A)
5th West Valley
6th DACA A
7th Vanguard Silver (B)
8th Stanford C
9th CDM Blue A
10th Pacific Polo
11th South Coast
12th PV Water Polo Red (A)
13th Riverside WP
14th Coronado Aquatics
15th Big Valley A
16th Legacy Water Polo A
17th Costa Mesa Aquatics
18th Lamorinda Gold (B)
19th Rose Bowl Black (B)
20th Stanford D
21st Granite Bay WP
22nd SET Black B
23rd West Suburban
24th Commerce Aquatics

1st LAWPC Red (A)
2nd Santa Barbara Premier B
3rd 680 Blue (B)
4th International A
5th Newport Beach WP
6th Tualatin Hills WP
7th Carlsbad WP B
8th Modesto Stanislaus
9th San Diego Shores B
10th Ball Under A
11th C Cal Water Polo
12th LAWPC White (B)
13th Rockford Aquatic Club A
14th Tiger Aquatic Polo
15th Jungle Cat Water Polo
16th Pride Water Polo Academy
17th Viper Pigeon North
18th Jesuit Water Polo
19th Kingfish WPF
20th Academy Water Polo
21st Davis WP B
22nd COPS
23rd Viper Pigeon South
24th Eugene City Water Polo

18U Boys Championship
1st The Santa Barbara Polo Pals
2nd Los Angeles Premier
3rd Regency WP
4th Stanford A
6th 680 Red (A)
7th Foothill Red (A)
8th Rose Bowl Red (A)
9th Bruin
10th Commerce Aquatics A
11th SOCAL Black (A)
12th CHAWP White (A)
13th Lamorinda Blue (A)
14th San Diego Shores A
15th Del Mar WP
16th Elite
17th SET
18th Clovis WPC
19th LAWPC Red (A)
20th Team Vegas Water Polo
21st Carlsbad WP
22nd CDM Blue (A)
23rd Stanford B
24th Thunder WP

1st Big Valley
2nd SHAQ A
3rd Newport Beach WP
4th Greenwich Aquatics
5th CC United Black (A)
6th Tiger Aquatics
7th Santa Barbara Premier
8th Pittsburgh WP
9th LWC
10th Bakersfield WP
11th Rain City
12th NSD Stars
13th CA Republic SC A
14th Puget Sound Polo
15th Chicago Park District
16th Jungle Cat Water Polo
17th Tualatin Hills WP
18th West Suburban
19th Viper Pigeon Southeast
20th Pierce County WP
21st Kearns
22nd Viper Pigeon West
23rd Colorado Water Polo
24th Miami Riptides Water Polo

18U Boy Classic
1st South Coast
2nd CDM Grey
3rd Orcutt WP A
4th PV Water Polo Red (A)
5th Huntington Beach Orange (A)
6th Riverside WP
7th International A
8th Irvine Kahuna
9th C Cal Water Polo
10th West Valley Red (A)
11th La Jolla WP
12th Mid Pen Water Polo
13th Redlands Renegades
14th Pacific Polo
15th Rockford Aquatic Club
16th Cerritos Aquatic
17th Shore Aquatics Red (A)
18th Sacramento Polo Black (A)
19th Kingfish WPF
20th Granite Bay WP
21st SET Black (B)
22nd Lamorinda Gold (B)
23rd Golden State Aquatics A
24th Alameda Water Polo A

1st Westside Aquatics
2nd SC Tritons Red (A)
3rd CA Republic SC B
4th Sharks
5th Academy Water Polo
6th FLO WP
7th Legacy WP
8th Arroyo Grande
9th Chelsea Piers
10th San Diego Shores B
11th Moose Water Polo
12th CHAWP Blue (B)
13th NIPC
14th Merced WP
15th PV Water Polo Blue (B)
16th Viper Pigeon South
17th Modesto Stanislaus
18th Jesuit Water Polo
19th Escondido Riptides
20th HOLA
21st West Valley Blue (B)
22nd Eugene City WP
23rd South County Herriman WP
24th Narrows Water Polo




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