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ROJO Sport, Inc. Renews Position As Official Practice Target Provider of USA Water Polo

July 23, 2017

Huntington Beach, CA (7/23/17)---ROJO Sport, Inc., the Southern California- based manufacturer of Water Polo Practice Targets, announces a renewed partnership with USA Water Polo, Inc. (USAWP). This will be the ROJO Sport’s third consecutive year as USAWP’s Official Practice Target Provider.

Used by NCAA and Olympic Champions, ROJO Sport’s RJ7 practice target is simple, durable, and provides exceptional results. “I’m confident that if I’m taking a shot at a crucial moment, I’m going to put it where I want to put it,” said Josh Samuels, attacker for Team USA. “The RJ7 is the best target to help anyone who wants to improve their shot accuracy and confidence to take their game to the next level.

“As water polo is the toughest sport on earth, water polo equipment must be equally tough,” ROJO’s Business Development Director Scott Snyder states. “Recent RJ7 improvements include new UV and chlorine resistant rubber and high strength nylon for a secure lock-down. Our three year warranty is a no-brainer.”

“The RJ7 prepares athletes to take and make that big shot,” said Snyder. “ROJO is pumped to continue our partnership with USA Water Polo. We are perfectly positioned to help each other achieve competitive and business success.”

About ROJO Sport, Inc.
ROJO Sport, Inc. specializes in making highly engineering polyurethane shooting targets that are effective, durable, and easy to use. Developed by water polo players who competed at the highest level, the RJ7 has a high visibility red design that gives shooters a clear point to aim their shot, and the materials used to make each target are the most resistant to damage, wear, and weather in the world. “Smash Your Goals” with ROJO Sport. For more information, visit

About USA Water Polo
USA Water Polo, Inc. is the national governing body for water polo in America, overseeing our United States Olympic program as well as 20 different championship events annually, such as Junior Olympics and Masters National Championships. With more than 45,000 members, USAWP is also the sanctioning authority for more than 500 Member Clubs and more than 400 tournaments nationwide. USAWP is committed to the development of the sport throughout the US, fostering grass-roots expansion of the sport, while providing a national system of affiliated clubs, certified coaches and officials. For more information, visit




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