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S & R Sport Club Of The Month - February 2015 - Patriot Aquatics Club

Feb. 24, 2015
The winner of the S & R Sport Club of the Month for February 2014 is Patriot Aquatics Club of Tustin/Irvine, CA. For winning, Patriot Aquatics Club will receive a gift from S & R Sport. To nominate a club you think is worthwhile please email Here is the nomination submitted by club parent, Gretchen. 

I would like to nominate the Tustin/Irvine Patriot Aquatics Club for the S & R Sport Club of the Month Award.

Patriot Aquatics is a fledgling club in the heart of Orange County, California, arguably the hub of water polo of the entire United States. The area is saturated with water polo clubs, which is why it is difficult to start up a new club. What’s special about Patriot Aquatics is the commitment to the program by the two founding coaches, Sam Bailey and Matt Calhoun. These two coaches have worked tirelessly since the inception of Patriot Aquatics to provide water polo opportunities to all ages and levels of players, from beginners to elite.

Coach Bailey and Coach Calhoun strive to provide an excellent, well-rounded training regime which aside from water polo, includes swim conditioning and weight-training. They work long hours, along with others on the coaching staff, to insure that their vision of a world class water polo club is a reality. Although it will take time to really build the program, Patriot’s first year on the water polo scene has been an exciting and memorable one.

In their first few months of operation, Patriots took approximately 18 male and female athletes to Croatia to stay with a Croatian club team, train with them, and compete in tournaments, including one which was held in the Adriatic Sea! An international trip, especially one of this caliber, is no small feat, even for the most established clubs.

Patriot Aquatics seeks to teach life lessons through the sport of water polo and their inaugural year is off to a great start! This is why I believe Patriot Aquatics would be a good choice for S & R Sport Club of the Month Award. Watch out for them at their Junior Olympics debut in the summer of 2015!




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