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S & R Sport Coach Of The Month - February 2014 - Jon Muir - Santa Clara Swim Center

Jon Muir is the S & R Sport Coach of the Month for February 2014

The S & R Sport Coach of the Month for February 2014 is Jon Muir of the Santa Clara Swim Center. For winning Jon receives a $50 gift certificate to S & R Sport. John was nominated by a variety of members and supporters of the club. Here are their nominations.

There are so many deserving coaches who work hard to achieve the best results from their players. But some coaches have that extra something special to offer their players that is almost indescribable. It is a strong and unrelenting sense of duty mixed with the humble honor of being a coach. It is encompassing not only the knowledge of the sport, but also the ability to transfer that knowledge to the players. It is the dedication of showing up each and every day, for practices or games, and demonstrating an unbreakable code of standards of behavior that embrace professionalism with respect and dignity towards everyone.

Coach Jon Muir, head coach of our girls water polo club team is such a coach. He embraces the art of quality coaching each and every day:

Positive Coaching- exemplifies and emphasizes at all times the importance of attitude, patience, respect, sharing and listening

Inspiration- comes to practices/games motivated and full of encouragement, teaches them hard work is part of the pact

Mindfulness- be prepared, be ready, practice makes better! Teaching them the singular importance of focusing and strengthening their "mind game" and to always strive to reach their highest level of ability and accomplishment in practice or games

Role model- demonstrates ethical behavior day in and day out and teaches the players the importance of integrity and clean play

Fun - never forgets the importance of keeping it a "sport" and allowing the passion and promise to be balanced with their young lives

Yes, I could go on and on with so many more qualities and examples, but hopefully the picture of how dedicated and terrific this coach is to his team, parents and fellow coaches, other players and referees shines through brightly!! - Elizabeth Asadi

I would like to nominate coach Jon Muir, girls water polo coach at Santa Clara Swim Club in Santa Clara, CA. Jon has been my Daughter's coach for 3 years.

This year, I am even more impressed with his ability as a coach. Jon started a new Water Polo team at a new location. His faithful team followed him and we have had a terrific first season with Jon as the coach. At the new location, he has offered a much more dedicated program and is teaching the team important polo skills as well as having a physical therapist to teach the team about respecting their bodies in the game and how to manage injuries and pain.

Jon is dedicated to creating a family of polo players. He works a full-time job and spends untold hours working on our new team. I don't know when he sleeps! Jon has found sponsors to provide suits and other team supplies, and funds many expenses himself to be sure everyone gets to participate.

Most recently, Jon took a group of girls to Canada for a tournament. The team was proud to come in 2nd place. They all had a great time and grew closer as a team as they competed. Jon Muir is certainly deserving of the award of Coach of the Month. - Susan Weaver

I would like to nominate Coach Jon Muir, of the newly formed Santa Clara Swim Club Water Polo program in Santa Clara, CA, for Coach of the Month for February 2014.

A former player himself for Bellarmine College Preparatory School (graduated in 2006) and the men's club team at the University of Washington (named Most Valuable Player 2009, Northwest Region, Men's Club Water Polo), Jon was an assistant Coach at Rain City Water Polo in Seattle (2010-2011) and for West Coast Aquatics Water Polo in San Jose (2012-2013) before deciding to step up to the role of Head Coach and form his own program.

Coach Jon started a brand new water polo club for high school girls in November of 2013, and in the few short months since has accomplished a lot. During the months of December, January, and February, his players competed in several local tournaments (Pacific Zone Winter League) at the 16U, 18U, and Women's Open levels. At all three levels the players acquitted themselves well, playing against a wide variety of teams.

A traveling squad drawn from the 18U and Women's Open teams completed their winter season last weekend. They went to British Columbia for an international tournament where they earned the silver medal in the Womens' Open division.

Coach Jon's program is rigorous and thorough. He incorporates elements of cross-training, including mixing up regular practices with the occasional game of soccer or beach volleyball, to keep things fun while still providing a good workout. He also utilizes the services of a physical therapist, to help his players understand the benefits of strength training and stretching to minimize injury and speed recovery. At the end of the season it is impressive to see the physical condition of these players.

Equally impressive, given that these are teenaged girls who live in different cities and attend a variety of different schools, is the sense of unity that defines this team. They are a cohesive group in and out of the pool, with great loyalty and affection for each other and for their coach.

Their success with the game and their demeanor on land are both products of Coach Jon's program and the expectations he has made clear to them. To be a good coach requires a lot of quantifiable skills, but there are just as many intangible or hard-to-describe characteristics within those who become great coaches. Coach Jon certainly has the passion that is one of those essential elements, and he has high hopes for his current players and for his program as it grows in future seasons.

I feel quite fortunate that my daughter found her way to his program, and I am delighted to nominate Jon Muir for consideration as Coach of the Month. - Tara Dadd

I would like to nominate Coach Jonathan Muir (Head Coach of Santa Clara Swim Club Water Polo). Coach Jon is an amazing and dedicated coach. His passion for water polo is clear through the countless hours he gives to the SCSC Water Polo program. He teaches and motivates each one of his players to strive for excellence in the sport and to always be a responsible team player. - Hope Yaghutiel




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