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  • Whether you are a player, former player, parent, official or fan, chances are you are reading this because water polo matters to you. The Mission of USA Water Polo is to grow the sport of water polo throughout the United States and win medals in Olympic, World Championship, and Pan American Games. The role of Advancement is to build and strengthen our community and raise funds to support our mission and for special campaigns.

    The reality is USA Water Polo does not receive government support. The United States Olympic Committee provides between 25 - 30% of our National Team budget; 10 - 12% of the overall budget. Contributions to the ONE COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE from grassroots to gold medals annual fund help us close the gap between membership revenue and the cost of fostering growth nationally, funding our National Teams and tackling important initiatives including relaunching an expanded Splashball program nation wide, providing scholarship/financial aid at all levels of play, referee recruitment, training and development and providing more resources to our National Team athletes both in the pool and out.

    USA Water Polo continues to demonstrate prudence in financial performance. We have no debt. Revenue has grown to 10 million. Overhead and general administrative costs are under control at 13%. We have been able to fund our National Teams and invest in our sport to the degree revenues allow. We are proud of our accomplishments; however there is more work to do.

    Consider a gift to USA Water Polo's ONE COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE from grassroots to gold medals annual fund. Our goal this year is to raise $610,000 (excluding events and NTSC). Your 100% tax deductible donation makes a difference and sends a powerful message that you support this sport, this organization and its mission. Supporters making direct donations to the annual fund of $500+ receive free admissions (2) to USAWP hosted events for one year. Whatever you can give, we pledge to use your contributions efficiently and wisely.

    If you have any questions, please call our Advancement Office at 714.500.5427 or email

  • Our family has been blessed to be a part of the USA Water Polo community for several years now, as we have four children that play water polo, from age 8 on up to 17. We could not be more pleased with the benefits and support that USA Water Polo has provided our family over the years. Our children continually receive the opportunity to work with high level coaches and mentors, that strive to enable them to be the best they can be, not only as athletes but as upstanding members of this community. USA Water Polo promotes the sport from the ground up and has provided our kids access to everything from excellent training programs to high level competitions across the United States and Internationally. Our children have chosen to build their lives around this incredible sport, and we are grateful to USA Water Polo for providing the platform to make their dreams a reality.

    - Jim and Lia Kieckhafer

    When our younger kids were in elementary school, we started looking for sports that involve brain, skill, fitness, team work, low chance of injury, and year-round play. We watched the USA Water Polo Team at the Beijing Olympics, and wanted our kids to have a chance growing up fit and strong like the players. Luckily our kids liked water polo. Now six years later, water polo is dominating our family agenda, accompanying our son and daughter to games and training has become my second job, and we have been thoroughly enjoying the process.

    - Sheldon Pang
    Annual Fund, co-chair

    As a parent of kids engaged in a number of different sports, I am so happy that our oldest has found water polo. This is a sport unlike others in that instead of weeding out kids at an early age, USA Water Polo brings programs like ODP to encourage participation. The more opportunities our kids have to learn and be exposed to a positive and inclusive environment like ODP, the more likely they are to develop a long-term love of the sport. Thank you USA Water Polo for providing us the opportunity to establish what I hope will be a mutually beneficial relationship!

    - Jill Davis

    We are delighted to support USA Water Polo because they provide excellent opportunities for individual players to develop and unique experiences for teams to compete at all levels culminating in the USA national teams. Our family has been involved with youth water polo clubs for many years starting with our children as young players and now as advanced players and coaches with Pride Water Polo. USA Water Polo provided the much needed support for the development of our clubs and zones over this span of time. USA Water Polo conducts several large national events each year which draw the entire community together. These events are enjoyable and well run. USA Water Polo leadership strives to promote the sport across the country. We are pleased to participate in the on-going operation as well as to help facilitate the expansion of USA Water Polo.

    - Gabe and Shirlene Watson

    They have been more than gracious is supporting other clubs and bettering the water polo community. They strive to have the best people to run this great organization. They have not just helped me but they have also helped my club and many clubs like mine. Thank you very much for all you have done USA Water Polo!

    - Nicholas Games

    I have had excellent experiences with USAWP as a player, coach, referee and volunteer. The organization gave me the chance to play the game at the highest level, and allowed me to give back and help younger athletes learn this great sport and achieve their goals as well. Their events are exceptionally well-run, and the Board of Directors and senior leadership is unmatched among other NGB's. This is truly one of the finest youth sports organizations in the country, whose influence extends all the way up through the Olympic Games.

    - pallanuoto4




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