USA Water Polo National Collegiate Rankings

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How does the Freeman Ratings System Work?After each game, teams are assessed a rating using a mathematical calculation capturing wins and losses including margin of victory. The most important thing to understand about how our computer power ratings system works is that it is 100% objective. The size of the schools, their division, the league they're in, how good the school or league are historically, their geographic location, how well liked the school is, how good the league is in other sports-- none of these things are programmed into the system. None of them are there to bias it the way that they inevitably bias humans saddled with the daunting task of trying to figure who belongs in post-season play. Rather, they are just a bunch of teams with a bunch of results. Cold, hard, and unfeeling, yes...but as accurate, objective and fair as is possible.

For more a complete explanation on how the results are tabulated, click here

Archives - 2017 Men's Season September 18 - September 25 - October 2 - October 9 - October 16 - October 23 - October 30 - November 6 - November 13 - November 20 - November 27 - December 4 (FINAL)

2018 Women's Season - January 22 - January 29 - February 5 - February 12




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