Rosters are required from all teams participating in a USA Water Polo sanctioned, regional, or national event. Rosters require a head coach and at least 7 athletes. Coaches and designated club administrators can login to their online Member Profile to create rosters for sanctioned events and leagues. National and regional events must require the collaboration with a club administrator.

The USAWP roster system runs verification off the athletes' membership type, age, and selected division and tournament requirements. The coaches are verified to ensure membership is current and all required certifications are up-to-date and on file with the National Office. Coaches and Club Admins have the ability to manage rosters online, print and email rosters, monitor event registrations, and print membership cards  and scoresheets by roster. Referees use these roster and membership cards for the sanctioned event ID check process. All of these steps help to ensure a safe playing environment for all participants.

After your roster has been submitted, you can:
- Print copy of your roster
- Print copies of the membership IDs of all rostered participants, athletes & coaches for quick efficient ID check in
- Print copies of your pre-filled scoresheet to correspond with roster. These can be handed into the table prior to your game and referees can utilized these for ID checks. Print scoresheets works best from Firefox and Chrome browser windows. (sanctioned & regional events only). National event scoresheets will be provided upon checkin at the event.

Please be sure to have athletes wear the correct cap number. Of course if a cap change is needed/made, please be sure to notify the desk and the officials.

To create a Regional, National, or Sanctioned event roster:
1.) Login to your membership account
2.) Expand the "Event Rosters" tab on the left-hand side menu
3.) Select the option based on your tournament entry; national, regional, sanctioned
4.) Select "Create Roster"
5.) Choose the tournament, division, and team you want to create the roster for. If you can't find the event, be sure to check if tournament starts with "2016" or "The" to be sure you do not miss the one you are looking for. Keep in mind, events not listed have not been approved through USA Water Polo. 
6.) Most eligible athletes from your club will pre-fill on a list to select. Please note: athletes with different affiliation or athletes that are a few years younger than the division may not be listed on the first step. Then can be added on next page.
7.) Select a coach and as many athletes as possible on this first step, typing in cap number in the open field. Do not enter letters in cap number (i.e. 1A or 1B; rather list back up goalie as 13 or another field cap number. USAWP rules do not use 1A or 1B)
8.) To add coaches or athletes with a different club affiliation, younger athletes, or athletes not in the original selection, use the "Add non-club player" button (Not available for Regional or National events)
9.) Submit roster and add email addresses of who you want the roster emailed to.
10.) Once created, roster will be saved to your membership profile so you can make changes.
11.) Option to print member cards from roster (for ID Checks) AND NEW!!! - print your roster to a scoresheet!

Tournament Information Page will indicate what membership type the event requires (bronze, silver, gold). For sanction classification information, please visit the Event Sanction page.
All 10&U divisions in both sanctioned and basic events will require only the bronze level membership for athletes. Junior Olympics and Qualifiers will require gold for 10&U divisions. To view athlete membership types, click here.

Types of Rosters:
National: For Junior Olympics, Champions Cup, Rock-tober, Fisher Cup, & Collegiate Cup
Regional: For zone qualifier events
Sanctioned: Majority of leagues and tournaments, hosted by USAWP clubs and teams

Roster Limits:
National: 15 athletes; 1 head coach, 1 assistant coach, up to three "alternate coaches"
Regional: 15 athletes; 1 head coach, 1 assistant coach, up to three "alternate coaches"
Sanctioned: 20 athletes; 1 head coach, 1 assistant coach, up to three "alternate coaches"

Roster Terms:
No Roster - you must first create roster and begin adding players from your club
Ineligible - roster currently includes ineligible members.
Awaiting Submission - your rostered participants have cleared all compliance requirements. The roster can be submitted
Submitted - Your roster has been sent to USA Water Polo. You may continue to open the roster to make changes, however once the deadline (or lockdown if applicable) no further changes may be made.
Deadline - The deadline is the last day you are able to make changes. After the deadline, any ineligible participants MAY NOT compete.
Lockdown - For National Championship events and various other events, a lockdown is implemented to give clubs an extra week to make any final changes. Each time the roster is opened to make changes, there will be a nominal fee. Absolutely no changes are accepted after the lockdown.


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