Events Sanction Terms & Conditions

By reading and submitting a USA Water Polo Event Sanction Application, the applicant agrees to abide by the following rules and regulations governing USAWP sanctioned events:

Participant Policy

Referee Assignment Policy
All USAWP Sanctioned Events shall have referees assigned under the jurisdiction and with the approval of the Zone Head Referee.

Insurance Policy Coverage

I recognize that should a non-registered player or coach participate, my insurance coverage under USA Water Polo may be declared invalid.  I further realize that USA Water Polo has the right to check registrations of all participants and may retroactively remove this practice sanction should any violations be found. I agree to hold USA Water Polo harmless should such sanction be removed since I recognize that it is my responsibility to determine that all participants are appropriately registered.

Properly sanctioned and approved events will receive:

Zone Approval Process

It is the Zone Chair's discretion to approve/deny your request for an Event Sanction. Before submitting an event sanction through USAWP, please be sure to check your individual zone policies. Your event will not appear on the Web site without Zone Chair approval.

Competition Rules & Tournament Entry

Media & Photography Policy

Non-National Roster Verification


Cancellation Policy
Events sanctions may be cancelled, but payment cannot be refunded or transferred.


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