Event Sanctions
  • USA Water Polo Sanctioned Events
    USA Water Polo sanctions hundreds of events each year and is able to provide insurance coverage and support for each of these events. Any USAWP registered club has the ability to sanction events with our organization. All sanctioned events are posted on our web site for the greater USA Water Polo to participate in. An event sanction is considered any event that is not considered a "practice" and involves more than 2 teams. These would include tournaments, leagues, clinics, and camps. USA Water Polo provides the insurance for sanctioned events. An approved USAWP sanctioned event shows athletes, parents, and clubs that the event host complies with USAWP standards of coach screening, safety, and fair play.

    To learn more view the Event Sanction FAQs.

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  • Submitting an Event Sanction
    Download the Event Sanction Application , fill out and mail/fax/email with payment to the National Office OR The club administrator can log in to his/her personal USAWP Membership account and fill out an event sanction request by looking within the "Club Admin Area" tab on the left column and clicking on the "Event Sanction" option.

    If you are not sure of who the club administrator(s) are for your club, contact the National office by phone (714) 500-5445 or by email

    Event Sanction Terms and Conditions
    All events must follow USA Water Polo rules and policies. View the Event Sanctioned Terms & Conditions.

    Ball-size chart
    Ball chart provided by USAWP - Chart under construction, see details below:
    10&U - Size 2
    12&U - Size 3
    14&U - Size 4
    16/18&U/Adult Women - Size 4
    16/18&U/Adult Men - Size 5

    Approval Policy
    All event sanctions require approval from zone leadership. Once sanction has been entered; it will be sent to the zone for approval. Event host will receive notifications when application has been received and again once it has been approved/denied. Before submitting an event sanction through USAWP, please be sure to check your individual zone policies. Basic sanctions require approval from National Office prior to being sent to the zone. Note: If scope of event does not meet application requirements, it may be reclassified at the discretion of the National Office.

    Types of Sanctioned Events:
    Sanctioned Tournament - requires silver membership for athletes
    Sanctioned League - requires silver membership for athletes
    Basic Sanction - requires minimum bronze membership for athletes; requires approval from USA Water Polo prior to zone approval

    Sanction Classification
    Classification of sanctioned events is now baased on the "scope of the event." The intention for the classification is to support new, local, and regional play opportunities throughout each zone for more athletes to participate in, utilizing the bronze level membership. Well-established events and events spanning multiple zones (both location and participants) will require a silver membership. Please note: All 10&U divisions in both sanctioned and basic events will require a minimum bronze level membership for athletes.

    • Sanctioned Tournament (silver minimum requirement) - including any combination of the following - all criteria need not apply:
      Established sanctioned tournaments
      Larger events utilizing higher number of resources: pools, courses, staffing, officials, and participants
      Increased level of competition
      Use of 3+ pools/courses
      Multiple-day tournaments
      Championship type events
      International events
      All-star games
      Exception: 10&U divisions

    • Sanctioned League (silver minimum requirement)
      Developed leagues spanning multiple zones (i.e. Cal Cup, Ironman)
      Increased level of competition
      Exception: 10&U divisions

    • Basic Sanction (bronze minimum requirement; requires approval from USAWP prior to zone approval)
      Local leagues
      Regional leagues
      High school leagues
      College club leagues
      Local-based tournaments
      Tournaments with 2 or fewer pools (no more than 3 courses)
      Single-day regional tournaments
      Note: additional considerations will be take into account for developmental youth events (14&U)
      All camps and clinics with individual participation
      ALL 10&U divisions in any sanctioned event

    Sanctioning Fees (non-refundable)
    If you are sanctioning an event...
    90+ days from the start of the event ............. $25
    8-89 days from the start of the event ............ $50
    Less than 7 days from the start of the event ... $100
    (please allow 5-7 days for processing)

  • Roster Requirements
    All teams participating in a sanctioned event must complete a USAWP sanctioned event verified roster through the USA Water Polo membership database. Coaches and club admins have the ability to create sanctioned event rosters.

    Photo ID Check
    All athletes and coaches must provide USAWP sanctioned event verified roster to the scorer's table prior to each game. This verified roster will also be used for identification check. Athletes and coaches must provide a valid form of identification (government-issued ID, copy of passport, school ID, or USAWP membership ID - temporary card OK) to the referees prior to participating in each game. Full Photo ID Check Policy can be found on the USAWP Safety Information page.

    Photograph Policy
    Once your event has become approved you will be emailed USA Water Polo's current Photography Policy, which needs to be posted at the spectator entrance of your event. Photograph Policy is also included in the Event Sanction Terms & Conditions.

    Cancellation Policy:
    Event sanctions are non-refundable. We will not process refunds for duplicate event entries or cancelled events.

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