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Argentina 6 vs. Canada 13 M

Argentina and Canada's men's teams met up for the first game of the day at the Riverside Aquatics Complex. Canada went on to eventually win the game 13-6. In the goal for Argentina was Lucas Cabrozzi who made 5 saves while Yorek Hurrelmann of Canada made 9 saves.

The first quarter was a close one up until the end when Matija Dabic of Canada was able to make it to the back of the net for the first goal of the game. Canada managed to gain another opportunity to score and Matthew Halajian delivered, gaining Canada a 2-0 lead over Argentina. In the second quarter Canada extended their lead but Argentina's Esteban Corsi was able to make it past Yorek Hurrelmann of Canada for Argentina's first two goals of the game. Leaving the first half at 7-2 Canada with the lead.

Argentina came out strong in the third quarter and Martino Guido scored his first goal of the day. Canada was quick to respond with two goals of their own. Argentina was putting a ton of pressure at the end of the quarter which opened up an opportunity in which they scored twice before the quarter ended. Canada finished strong in the fourth quarter winning the game 13-6.

Argentina 6 (0,2,3,1) Esteban Corsi(2), Martino Guido (1), Carlos Canmasio (1), Augusto Rey (1), Gonzalo Caso (1).

Canada 13 (2,5,2,4) Euan Scoffield (2), Devin O'Donnell (2), Chris Callaro (1), Matija Dabic (1), Matthew Halajian (2), Gaelan Patterson (3), Harrison Watt (1), Giordano Marconato (1).

Brazil 17 vs. Mexico 9 W

Brazil and Mexico faced off on Day 2 in the first women’s match of the day at the UANA Jr Pan American Championships. Izabella Chiappini led Brazils offense with seven goals of her own. Mexico’s offense was led by Rocio Rivera with six of the nine goals. Both teams had their goalies split time in the net. Brazil’s Victoria Chamorro had two saves while Raquel Araujo had one. Mexico’s Mariana Rodriguez had one save of her own. 

In the first quarter Brazil was quick to take control of the game with three goals by Brazil’s Izabella Chiappini, giving Brazil an early lead. Mexico was unable to stop Brazil’s momentum and Brazil scored another three goals to end the quarter 6-0. In the second quarter Mexico drew a penalty and converted with Rocio Rivera scoring the first goal for Mexico, Rivera later went on to score two more goals for Mexico to bring the score closer. The score was 7-3 Brazil with the lead at the end of the first half. 

In the third quarter both teams began to look even with goals coming from both sides, but Brazil still managed to keep a good sized lead. The third quarter ended with Brazil on top 14-6.  In the fourth quarter both teams found the back of the net but Brazil was dominant offensively and won the game 17-9. 

Brazil 17 (6,1,6,4) Izabella Chiappini (7), Mariana Duarte (2), Samantha Rezende (2), Diana Abla (4), Adhara Santoro (1), Marina Araujo (1). 

Mexico 9 (0,3,3,3) Rocio Rivera (6), Paola Vizcarra (1), Maria Ortega (1), Angelina Flores (1).

USA 10 vs. CANADA 4 W

The third match of the day was between USA and Canada in women's action. USA’s offense was led by Devin Grab with three goals. In the goal for USA was Carlee Kapana who posted 12 saves. Canada's goalies split time with Kelsey Jensen posting four saves and Claire Bredin with one save. Team USA went on to win the game 10-4.

The first quarter started off with an opening goal by Katherine Klass of the Untied States. Both teams were playing very strong defense throughout the quarter. Canada was able to find the back of the net with a goal of their own. USA was able to draw a penalty and Devin Grab converted for a goal, giving USA the lead. Later in the quarter Amber McCutcheon took a shot on goal and scored another goal for USA ending the first with a 3-1 lead. At the start of the second quarter, Canada came out strong converting two goals against USA’s defense bringing the match to a tie at 3-3. Devin Grab was able to score two more goals before the end of the first half giving USA the lead at 5-3.

The third quarter was a very well fought quarter, Canada’s Kyra Christmas was the first to score in the quarter bringing Canada within one. USA went on to score three more goals before ending the quarter giving USA a lead of 8-4 over Canada. The fourth quarter was opened up with two goals from Aria Fischer and Alexis Liebowitz extending the lead 10-4. The USA went on to win the game 10-4

Scoring - Scoresheet

USA  10 (3,2,4,1) Katherine Klass (2), Devin Grab (3), Amber McCutcheon (1), Sydney Blubaugh (1), Aria Fischer (2), Alexis Liebowitz (1). 

Canada 4 (1,2,1, 0) Axelle Crevier (1), Emma Wright (1), Kelly Matthews (1), Kyra Christmas (1).

Trinidad & Tobago 9 vs. Mexico 13 M

Trinidad & Tobago faced Mexico in a late afternoon game at the UANA Jr Pan American Championships. Mexico’s offense was led by Diego Mercado and Arturo Rico with four goals a piece. Trinidad & Tobagos offense was led by Justin Badden with three goals of his own.

The first quarter started off with a quick goal by Justin Badden of Trinidad & Tobago to take an early lead. Badden managed to score another goal but Mexico was quick to score a goal of their own to bring it within one at the end of the first quarter.  Trinidad & Tobago’s Justin Badden was also able to convert a goal in the first few minutes of the second quarter but Mexico came out strong and Arturo Rico of Mexico found the back of the net three times giving Mexico the lead 4-3. Goals being scored on each end the first half ended at a tie 5-5

Third quarter was a battle going back and forth with goals from both sides. Loon Daniel of Trinidad & Tobago made connection with the back of the net to help increase their lead to one. Later in the quarter Mexico took control of the game with two goals from Sinai Gonzalez  to end the quarter with a 9-7 lead over Trinidad & Tobago. Mexico continued the pressure throughout the fourth quarter to extend their lead and win the game 13-9.

Trinidad & Tobago  9 (2,3,2,2) Justin Badden (3), Johann Callender (1), Jonathon Gillette (2), Loon Daniel (1), Kieron Emmanuel (1), Adrian Hinds (1).

Mexico  13 (1,4,4,4) Diego Mercado (4), Arturo Rico (4), Roberto Vera (1), Sinai Gonzalez (2), Diego Lucero (1), Alberto Gonzalez (1).

Puerto Rico 13 vs. Canada 13 M

Puerto Rico and Canada’s men’s team faced off in a late afternoon match at the UANA Jr Pan American Championships. Puerto Rico’s offense was led by Fernando Zayas with six goals of his own, meanwhile Canada’s offense was led by Euan Scoffield with five goals. The game went on to end in a tie 13-13.

Canada came out strong in the first quarter with a quick goal by Devin O’Donnell to take the lead early. Puerto Rico’s Abiel Quinones was able to put the ball in the back of the net for a goal to tie up the game. Later in the quarter Canada took the lead with a goal from both Dusan Boskovic and Euan Scoffield making it 3-1. Penalty was drawn by Canada and they succeeded in converting the penalty shot taken by Devin O’Donnell. Two Goals were scored one from both sides before the quarter ended making the score 5-2 at the end of the first. The second quarter was a close one, both teams playing aggressively. Canada was able to find the back of the net on four occasions while Puerto Rico was able to convert three goals leaving the first half at 9-5, Canada with the lead. 

Third quarter was a very aggressive quarter with each team drawing penalties and converting on those penalties, Puerto Rico tried to do their best to close the gap between the two teams but Canada did not let down on the pressure. Each team scoring multiple goals, Canada still kept the lead at 12-9 at the end of the third. The fourth quarter was an exciting one with Puerto Rico being able to tie up the game at 13-13 with only thirty seconds to go. Canada called a timeout with what they thought would be the last possession. Puerto Rico held Canada and ended the game in a tie. 

Puerto Rico  13 (2,3,4,4) Abiel Quinones (4), Michael Montero (1), Fernando Zayas (6), Rey Castillo (2). 

Canada  13 (5,4,3,1) Devin O’Donnell (3), Dusan Boskovic (2), Euan Scoffield (5), Matthew Halajian (1), Chris Callaro (1), Sean Spooner (1).

Brazil 15 vs. Argentina 7 M

Brazil faced Argentina in the evening at the UANA Jr Pan American Championships. Brazil won the game 15-7 over Argentina. Brazil’s offense was led by Guicherme Gomes with four goals, while Argentina’s offense was led by Esteban Corsi and Tomas Manocchio with three goals each. 

In the start of the first quarter Brazil took the lead right off the bat with the first goal scored by Guicherme Gomes. Argentina was quick to answer with a goal of their own by Tomas Manocchio bringing it to a tie at 1-1. Later in the quarter Brazil took the lead once again with a backhanded shot by Rafeal Real making the score 2-1, but Argentina’s Manocchio scored his second goal of the match to bring it once again to a tie. Pedro Real ended the quarter with a goal to give Brazil the lead 3-2 over Argentina after the first period. Brazil took control of the second quarter, and managed to find the back of the net five times while Argentina only was able to convert one goal, ending the first half with Brazil ahead 8-3. 

The third quarter was dominated by Brazil’s offense as they managed to score five goals, while Argentina was only able to score one. The third quarter ended with Brazil in the lead 13-4. While the fourth quarter was much more evenly matched, Brazil’s offense remained on top scoring two more goals to increase their lead. Argentina was able to score three of their own but it was not enough as Brazil went on to win the game 15-7.

Brazil 15 (3,5,5,2) Guicherme Gomes (4), Rafeal Real (3), Pedro Real (1), Henrique Vosconsuelos  (3), Luis Silva (2), Lucas Pinto (1), Pedro Stellet (1).

Argentina 7 (2,1,1,3) Tomas Manocchio (3), Esteban Corsi (3), Martino Guido (1).

USA 23 vs. Peru 5 M

The last match of day three at the UANA Jr Pan American Championships saw the USA men take on Peru. USA went on to win the match 23-5 with the help of  Tomothy Simenc’s five goals. Peru’s offense was led by Diego Villar and Augusto Otero who scored two goals each.

Matthew Maier of USA scored the first goal of the game, and minutes later the goal was answered by Diego Villar of Peru making the score 1-1. After that Bryce Hoerman, Nicholas Bisconti, Tomothy Simenc, and Thomas Dunstan all managed to score a goal for the U.S. taking the lead 5-1 at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter USA did not let up on the offensive pressure as Kent Inoue and Dunstan both scored a goal to increase the lead to 7-1. Late in the quarter Augusto Otero managed to make it past Alex Wolf of Team USA, making the score 7-2. Marco Stanchi and David Kessler of  Team USA found the back of the net to increase the lead to 9-2. Before the half was over Peru scored two goals of their own to bring the score closer ending the half at 9-4. 

The third quarter was predominately controlled by the USA’s offense with eight goals in the quarter while Peru was only able to get one past Wolf. The third quarter ended with the United States in the lead 17-5.  The final quarter was nothing less than dominant offense by the U.S. scoring another six goals to finish the game 23-5.

USA 23 (5,4,8,6) Matthew Maier (1), Bryce Hoerman (1), Nicholas Bisconti (2), Thomas Dunstan (2), Tomothy Simenc (5), Kent Inoue (3), Marco Stanchi (4), David Kessler (2), Warren Snyder (1), Nicholas Carnglia (2).

Peru 5 (1,3,1,0) Diego Villar (2), Augusto Otero (2), Gabriel Noriega (1).