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Mexico 2 v Peru 4 M

The Mexican and Peruvian men’s teams meet up to play the first game of the day at Riverside Aquatics Complex. Both teams battled throughout the game with Peru eventually winning the game 4-2. Peru’s Diego Osterling scored three of four goals for the team. In the goal for Peru was Jefferson Enriquez who made 9 saves while Mexico’s Alferdo Osuna made three saves. 

The first quarter remained scoreless with good defence and goal tending by both teams. In the second quarter, Mexico and Peru both capitalized on the 6x5 advantage with all four goals being scored on either penalty shots or 6x5. Mexico’s Jorge Newton scored first putting Mexico ahead 1-0 but Peru’s Sebastian Gamboa answered soon after to tie up the game. Mexico pulled ahead once again with a goal by Sinai Lara followed by Diego Osterlings scoring on a five-meter penalty shot to tie the game up for Peru. The score was knotted up at two to finish the half.

Peru gained the lead in the third quarter with another goal by Osterling to make it 3-2.  Sterling expanded Peru’s lead in the fourth quarter with one more goal’s Peru came out on top with a final score of 4-2.

Peru 4 (0,2,1,1) Diego Osterling (3), Sebastian Gamboa (1)

Mexico 2 (0,2,0,0) Jorge Newton (1), Sinai Lara (1)

Canada 10 v Brazil  6 W

Canada and Brazil faced off in the first women’s game of the day.  It was a close first half but Canada won with a final score of 10-6. Axelle Crevier led Canadas offense with four goals and Isabella Chiappini scored four of six goals for Brazil.  Canada’s Kelsey Jensen and Claire Bredin split time in net. Jensen made five saves and Bredin made three saves while Victoria Chamorro was in the goal for Brazil with five saves. Jensen made five saves and

In the first quarter, both goals came off the 6x5 advantage. Canada’s Kindred Paul scored the first goal of the game that was later followed by a goal by Brazil’s Marina Araujo that tied the game at one.

Brazil gained the lead in the second quarter with a break away goal by Marina Durate making the score 2-1. Hayley Mckelvey and Sarah Myers answered to take back the lead for Canada. Brazil’s Izabella Chiappini then capitalized on two five-meter penalty opportunities making the score 4-3 Brazil. In the final 12 seconds of the half, Canada’s Emma Wright tied the game at four.

 Axelle Crevier’s three goals for Canada in the third quarter pulled them ahead 7-4. In the fourth quarter, Canada expanded on their lead with goals by Nikolina Minajiavik, Crevier, and Paul while Brazil’s Chiapinni scored two more goals to make the final score 10-6.

Canada 10 (1,3,3,3) Kindred Paul (2), Hayley Meckelvy (1), Sarah Myers (1), Emma Wright (1),  Axelle Crevier (4), Nikolina Minajiavik (1)

Brazil 6 (1,3,0,2) Marina Araujo (1), Marina Duarte (1), Isabella Chiapinni (4)

USA 21 v Puerto Rico 1 W

 The United States took on Puerto Rico today. The United States took the lead early on and built on it throughout the game for a final score of 21-1. Amber McCutcheon and Haley Wan led the United States offense with four goals a piece. Carlee Kapana and Emailia Echelberger split time in the net for the USA while Nichole Colon was in the goal for Puerto Rico. Kapana made three save, Echelberger made two saves, and Colon made five saves.

Haley Wan started off the first quarter with two goals to give the United States the early lead. Mary Brooks, Katherine Klass, Brianna Daboub, Aria Fischer, and Devin Grab all scored one goal to make the score 7-0 after one quarter.

Jordan Raney scored early in the second quarter to add on to the USA’s lead but Paola Fischer answered to score Puerto Rico’s first and only goal of the game. Wan and Amber McCutcheon scored two goals each while Klass and Sydney Blubaugh scored one goal making the score 14-1 at halftime.

McCutcheon scored her third goal of the game early in the third quarter followed by another goal by Brooks. In the fourth quarter, the United States expanded their led to 21-1 with goals by McCutcheon, Grab, Raney, Fischer, and Alexis Angermund.

United States 21 (7,7,2,5) Haley Wan (4), Mary Brooks (2), Katherine Klass (2), Brianna Daboub (1), Aria Fischer (2), Devin Grab (2), Jordan Raney (2), Sydney Blubaugh (1), Amber McCutcheon (4), Alexis Angermund (1)

Puerto Rico 1(0,1,0,0) Paola Fuster (1)

Canada 6 v Brazil 9 M

Canada and Brazils men’s teams faced off this afternoon at the UANA Jr Pan American Championships. Brazil came out strong and held the lead throughout the game. Rey Castillo, Eduardo Wainberg, and Guicherme Gomes led Brazils offense with two goals each. Bernardo Oliveria wasin in net for Brazil with 10 saves while Canada’s Yorek Hurrelmann made nine saves.

Brazil took the lead early with a goal by Rafeal Real. They continued to build their lead with goals by Rey Castillo, Eduardo Wainberg, and Guicherme Gomes, who scored two goals, to make the score 5-0 Brazil after one quarter.

In the second quarter, Castillo scored his second goal of that game which was answered by Harrison Watt for Canada to put them on the board. In the last minute of the half, Pedro Real scored making it 7-1 Brazil.

Canada’s Matthew Halajian scored the lone goal in the third quarter making it 7-2 Brazil. In the fourth quarter, Canada came out strong with three goals by Halajian, Watt, and Devin O’Donnell making it 7-5 but Luis Silva answered for Brazil. In the final 30 seconds of the game, Evan Scoffield scored for Canada but Brazil’s Wainberg responded shortly after for a final result of 9-6 Brazil.

Brazil 9 (5,2,0,2) Rafeal Real (1),  Rey Castillo (2), Eduardo Wainberg (2), Guicherme Gomes (2), Pedro Real (1), Luis Silva (1)

Canada 6 (0,1,1,4) Harrison Watt (2), Matthew Halajian (2), Devin O’Donnell (1), Evan Scoffield (1)

Argentina 12 v Mexico 11 M

 Argentina and Mexico meet up on Day 2 of the UANA Jr Pan American Championships.  The two countries battled it out with Argentina winning the game 12-11.  Arturo Rico led Mexico's offense with four goals while Carlos Canmosio led Argentina’s offense with three goals. Bernando Partida and Alfredo Osuna split time in the net for Mexico while Wcos Catarozzi was in the goal for Argentina. Partida made two saves, Osuna made eight saves, and Catarozzi made six.

Mexico’s Sinai Lara scored the first goal of the game but Argentina soon took the lead with goals by Esteban Corsi, Canmosio, and Gorslo Coso making it 3-1 after one quarter.

Alberto Sanchez came out and scored early in the second quarter for Mexico but soon after Argentina’s Canmosio and Augusto Rey added on to their lead of 5-2 . Mexico’s Arturo Rico responded making it 5-3 going into the half.

Argentina’s Coso and Canmosio both scored a goal in the third quarter to expand their lead to 7-3. Dieso Ochoa and Raul Barrera answered quickly for Mexico. Tomas Manocchio and Agustin Viluoris added two more goals to make it 9-5 Argentina after three quarters. 

In the fourth quarter, Roberto Zamora scored first for Mexico that was quickly followed by a goal from Argentina’s Martino Guirog. Rooralid Cervantes answered for Mexico making it 10-7 Argentina. Rey and Guirog rscored Argentina’s last goals of the game shortly after. Mexico then went on a four-goal run with three goals Rico and one by Sinai Lara for a final score of 12-11 Argentina 

Argentina 12 (3,2,4,3) Esteban Corsi (1), Carlos Canmosio (3), Gorsio Coso (2), Augusto Rey (2), Tomas Manocchio (1), Agustin Vilouris (1), Martino Guirog (2)

Mexico 11 (1,2, 2,6) Sinai Lara (2), Alberto Sanchez (1), Arturo Rico (4), Dieso Ochoa (1), Raul Barrera (1), Roberto Zamora (1), Rooralid Cervantes (1)

Peru 4 v Puerto Rico 9 M

Peru and Puerto Rico faced off today in Riverside at the UANA Jr Pan American Championships. The score was tied at two after two quarters but after that Puerto Rico broke away to win 9-4. Fernando Zayas led Puerto Rico’s offense with three goals. Jorge Torres was in goal for Puerto Rico and made seven saves while Jefferson Enriquez was in goal for Peru and made three saves.

 Rey Castillo scored the only goal in the first quarter to put Puerto Rico up 1-0. In the second quarter, Augusto Tori tied up the score for Peru followed by a goal by Elerick Curet to take back the lead for Puerto Rico. Sebastian Gamboa tied the game back up at two with a goal for Peru late in the period.

Puerto Rico pulled ahead in the third quarter with four goals in a row by Curet, Angel Rosado, and Fernando Zayas (2). Peru’s Nicolas Alva scored in the final second to make the score 6-3 after three quarters.

In the final quarter, Zayas, Gilberto Millian, and Michael Montero each scored a goal to build on to Puerto Ricos lead while Nick Hulza scored once for Peru making the final score 9-4 Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico 9 (1,1,4,3) Rey Castillo (1), Elerick Curet (2), Fernando Zayas (3), Angel Rosado (1), Gilberto Millian (1), Michael Montero (1)

Peru 4 (0,2,1,1) Augusto Tori (1), Sebastian Gamboa (1), Nicolas Alva (1), Nick Hulza (1)

USA 18 v Trinidad and Tobago 2 M

The United States took on Trinidad and Tobago on the second day of the UANA Junior Pan American Championships. The USA took the lead early and built on it for the rest of the game for a final score of 18-2. The United States win came off of a joint offensive effort with 3 goals apiece by Thomas Dunstan, Warren Snyder, Tim Simenc, and David Kessler. Alex Wolf was in the goal for the United States and made 22 saves while Sebastian Van Rebken was in the goal for Trinidad and Tobago and made six saves.

The USA came out strong to start off the game with three goals by Dunstan, Bryce Hoerman, and Snyder. Kyle Ferrera put Trinidad and Tobago on the board with 30 seconds left in the quarter to make it 3-1 USA.

In the second quarter, the United States expanded their lead. Nick Carniglia had two goals while Simenc, Snyder, Kent Inoue, and Kessler had one goal each to put the USA ahead 9-1 at the half.

The USA continued to build their lead in the third quarter. Bennett Williams, Dunstan, Snyder, Kessler, and Simenc all scored a goal apiece to make it 14-1 USA with one quarter remaining in the game.

In the fourth quarter, Trinidad and Tobago’s Jonathon Gillette scored early. The United States answered with four goals by Dunstan, Inoue, Simenic and Kessler for a final score of 18-2 USA.

United States 18(3,6,5,4) Thomas Dunstan (3), Bryce Hoerman (1), Warren Snyder (3), Nick Carniglia (2), Tim Simenc (3),Kent Inoue (2), David Kessler (3), Bennett Williams (1),

Trinidad and Tobago 2 (1,0,0,1) Kyle Ferreira (1), Jonathon Gillette (1)