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Day 1 Recap - July 8, 2014

Puerto Rico 5 v Brazil 13 (W)

Day 1 started off with a match up between the women’s teams from Brazil and Puerto Rico. Brazil took the lead early in the first quarter and held it the entire game, winning 13-5. Brazil’s Diana Abla played a strong game from the 2-meter position scoring six goals. Abla scored the first goal of the game followed by Mariana Durate scoring on the 6x5 advantage for Brazil. Puerto Rico got on the board with a goal from Claudia Ramos but Abla answered with another goal to leave Brazil ahead 3-1 after one.

Allison Fernandez scored for Puerto Rico to start off the second quarter. Brazil followed with three unanswered goals from Abla (2) and Samanta Rezendi to build their lead to 6-2 at half time.

In the third quarter, Paola Fuster scored a goal early on for Puerto Rico, Brazil countered with goals by Sofia Rivas, Marina Fernandes, Izabella Chiappini, Abla, and Adhara Santoro. Chiappini’s goal came off of a 5-meter penalty shot and it all helped Brazil go ahead 11-3 after three quarter.

The fourth quarter started with another goal by Abla, her sixth of the match. Pueto Rico answered with two goals by Guarina Garcia and Cristina Lugo to make it 12-5 Brazil but they would get no closer. Durate closed out the scoring for Brazil with a goal with only 7 seconds left in the game. Victoria Chamorro and Raquel Araiyo Sà split time in the goal for Brazil and made 21 saves. Puerto Rico’s Nichole Coloñ made 8 saves..

Brazil 13 (3,3,5,1) Diana Abla (6), Mariana Durate (2), Samanta Rezendi (1), Sofia Rivas (1), Marina Fernandes (1), Izabella Chiappini (1),  Adhara Santoro(1)

Puerto Rico  5 (1,1,1,2) Claudia Ramos (1), Allison Fernández(1), Paola Fuster (1), Guarina Garcia (1), Cristina Lugo (1)

Mexico 2 v Canada 24 W

The second game of the day was played between the women’s teams from Canada and Mexico.  Canada’s offense dominated the whole game in their defeat over Mexico, winning 24-2. Emma Wright started off strong for Canada with two goals, one of which was a penalty shot. Taylor Molde followed with a goal of her own making it 3-0 Canada early on. Mexico’s first goal came from Rocio Ruelas which was then answered with goals from Amy Yule, Axelle Crevier, and Kyra Christmas making the score 6-1 after the first quarter.

Wright, Christmas, Crevier, and Sarah Myers scored two goals a piece to expand Canada’s lead 14-1 after the first half.

In the third quarter, Canada’s offense continued to be strong. Myers and Molde scored the first two goals in the quarter, which was followed by Mexico’s second goal of the game by Paulina Lopez. Canada answered with four goals by Myers, Crevier, Kelly Matthews, and Kindred Paul to make the score 20-2 to end the quarter.

The fourth quarter began with two goals by Canada’s Hayley McKelvey and Christmas finished off the scoring with two goals of her own.  Kelsey Jensen and Claire Breden split time in the net for Canada. Jensen made five saves and Breden made two saves. Mexico’s Mariana Trevino and Paola Ochoa shared time in the goal. Trevino made seven saves and Ochoa made fours saves.

Canada 24 (6,8,6,4) Emma Wright (3), Taylor Molde(2), Amy Yule (1), Axelle Crevier (4), Kyra Christmas (5), Sarah Myers (4), Kelly Matthews (1), Kindred Paul (1), Hayley McKelvey (2)

Mexico 2 (1,0,1,0) Rocio Ruelas (1), Paulina Lopez (1)

Mexico 15 v Canada 16 M

The Mexican and Canadian Men’s teams faced off in an exciting game this afternoon. Canada won the game with a final score of 16-15 after rallying from five goals down to win.

Mexico’s Dieso Loza started off strong by scoring the first two goals of the game. Canada responded with four goals unanswered from Sean Spooner, Chris Callaro, Mathew Halajian, and Giordano Marconato. Arturo Rico scored one more goal for Mexico making the score 4-3 Canada at the end of the first quarter.

Canada’s Spooner scored the first goal of the second quarter that was quickly followed by a goal by Mexico’s Sinai Lara. Gaelan Patterson scored to give Canada the 6-4 lead. Mexico answered with goals by Lara, Rico, Loza, Jorge Newton, and Dieso Ochoa to pull ahead and take the lead 9-6. Canada’s Spooner and Evan Scoffield both scored with under a minute left to make the score 9-8 Mexico to finish the half.

In the third quarter, Mexico’s Newton came out and scored the first goal which was quickly answered by Canada’s Halajian. After Halajian’s goal, Mexico scored added goals by Ocha (2), Alberto Sanchez to expand their lead to 14-9 to finish the quarter.

Halajian started off the scoring for Canada in the fourth quarter. Sanchez  responded and scored Mexicos only goal in the quarter. Harrison Watt scored back-to-back goals for Canada shortening Mexico’s lead to 15-12. Devin O’Donnell scored shortly after for Canada. In the final minute of the game Canada went on a 3-0 run to win the game 16-15.

Canada 16 (4,4,1,7) Sean Spooner (3), Chris Callaro (1), Matthew Halajian(4), Giordan Marconato (1), Gaelan Patterson (3), Evan Scoffield (1), Harrison Watt (2), Devin O’Donnell (1)

Mexico 15 (3, 6, 5, 1) Dieso Loza (3), Arturo Rico (2), Sinao Lara (2), Jorge Newton (3) Dieso Ochoa (3), Alberto Sanchez (2)

Brazil 20 v Peru 7 M

Brazil and Peru meet up on the first day of UANA JR Pan American Championships. Brazil’s offense dominated the game with a final score of 20-7. Guiuterme Gomez led Brazils offense with five goals while Peru’s offense was lead by Diego Osterling who scored five goals. After the first quarter, Brazil led 8-0 with goals by Guiuterme Gomez (3), Pedro Real (3), Rafael Real (1), and Roberto Freitas (1), 

In the second quarter, Brazil expanded their lead with four more goals by Rafael Real, Willian Psanqurich, Pedro Stellet, and Henrique Vazcinuelus. Diego Osterling scored Peru’s first goal to get them on the board. After the first half, Brazil led 12-1.

Peru scored back-to-back goals to start of the third quarter by Diego Osterling, and Eduardo Cardenas. Osterling scored two more goals for Peru while Psanqurich and Luis Siwa scored for Brazil making the score 14-5 after three quarters.

Brazil started off the fourth quarter with four unanswered goals by Gomez (2), Vasconuelus, and Stellat. Osterling responded for Peru but that was followed by another goal by Brazil's Stellat. Peru’s Cardenas scored the final goal of the game for a final score of 20-7. Jefferson Enriquez made six saves for Peru while Leonardo Silva made six for Brazil.

Brazil 20 (8, 4, 2, 5) Guiuterme Gomez(5), Rafeal Real (2), Pedro Real (3), Roberto Frietas (1), Willian Psanqyerich (2), Pedro Stellat (3), Henrique Vasconuelus (2),

Peru 7 (0, 1,4,3) Diego Osterling (5), Eduardo Cardenas (2)

Trinidad and Tobago 5 v Argentina 12 M

 Trinidad & Tobago and Argentina faced off for their first match of the UANA JR Pan American Championships.  Esteban Corsi and Carlos Canmosio scored three goals  a piece which led  Argentina’s offense. Sebastin VanReekan was in goal for Trinidad and Tobago and made 18 saves while Woas Cazarozzi made four saves for Argentina.

Esteban Corsi scored the only goal in the first quarter giving Argentina a 1-0 lead. In the second quarter, Aregentin’s Tomas Manocchip started off the scoring. Justin Bodden scored Trinidad and Tobago’s first goal of the game that was answered with two goals by Argentina’s Augusot Rey and Gouslo Coso.  Trinidad and Tobago’s Aaron Sheppard scored to bring the score within two goals. Carlos Canmosio responded for Argentina with a little over a minute remaining in the quarter to make it 5-2.

In the third quarter, Agustin Viuorio scored for Argentina early on. Kieron Emmanuel capitalized on a five-meter penalty shot for Trinidad and Tobago but Argentina’s Corsi and Canmosio scored two goals a piece to expand their lead to 10-3. With six seconds remaining in the quarter, Trinidad and Tobago’s Jonathon Gillette scored to make it 10-4 Argentina.

In the final quarter, Argentina’s Martina Guirog and Guido Poggi both scored. Aaron Sheppard scored another goal for Trinidad and Tobago for a final score of 12-5.

Argentina 12 (1, 4, 5,2) Esteban Corsi (3), Tomas Manocchio (1), Augusto Rey (1), Gouslo Coso (1), Carlos Canmosio (3), Agustin Viuorio (1), Martinoa Guirog (1), Guido Poggi (1) 

Trinidad and Tobago 5 (0, 2, 2, 1) Justin Bodden (1), Aaron Sheppard (2), Kieron Emmanuel (1), Jonathon Gilette (1)

USA 15 v Puerto Rico 8 M

The United States took on Puerto Rico for the final game of the day at the UANA JR Pan American Championships. The USA came out strong and defeated Puerto Rico 15-8. Nicholas Carniglia, Kent Inoue, and Warren Snyder led the USA’s offense with three goals each.  Alex Wolf and Conrad Gordon split time in the net for the USA. Wolf made six saves and Gordon made three saves.  In the goal for Puerto Rico was Jorge Torres who made seven saves in the game.

Nicholas Bisconti scored the first goal of the game for the United States and Puerto Rico’s Rey Castillo answered making it 1-1 early on. Carniglia (2) and Timothy Simenc built onto the USA’s lead making it 4-1. Ordibel Richez scored a goal with 14 seconds left in the quarter.

The United States expanded their lead in the second quarter with goals by Thomas Dunstan, Bryce Hoerman, Kent Inoue, and Carniglia. At the end of the first half, the USA led Puerto Rico 8-2.

In the third quarter, Puerto Rico’s Elerick Curet scored first. USA”s Inoue answered with two goals of his own. Joseph Bloom and Fernando Zayas both had goals for Puerto Rico. Hoerman scored a goal for the USA with 20 seconds left making it 11-5 USA.

Puerto Rico started off the fourth quarter with goals by Curet and Zayas. Warren Snyder responded for the USA, which would be the first of three goals from him in the quarter. Gilberto Millan scored Puerto Ricos final goal of the game that was then followed by Snyders two goals and a goal by Dunstan. The USA won 15-8.

United States 15 (4, 4, 3,4) Nick Bisconti (1), Nick Carniglia (3), Timothy Simenc (1), Thomas Dunstan (2), Bryce Hoerman (2), Kent Inoue (3)

Puerto Rico 8(2,0,3,3) Rey Castillo (1), Ordibel Richez (1), Elerick Curet (2), Joseph Bloom (1), Fernando Zayas (2), Gilberto Millan (1)





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